CDO Bibbo Cheesedogs: Tested by Moms, Loved by Kids!

Hey moms! How are the school days treating you so far? Mine has been a bit challenging but nothing I could not handle. My schedule has always been demanding and with my kids’ school activities starting to build up, I’ll be more hectic. My schedule is again delightfully productive. I was so glad to see and be able to look back on my calendar on previous activities I and my kids enjoyed doing last summer vacation. 
Just recently, we went to the grocery for kitchen goods and foods, and my kids’ baon for school. I usually let them pick whatever they want as long as what they get into the grocery basket is healthy, approved by me, and from a trusted brand. We have been Bibbo Cheesedog fans for years. I have always loved Bibbo Cheesedog, especially when the brand introduced the first red cheesedog in the country. I loved it even more with the cheesy bits, and so do my kids. Bibbo rejoices moms for being and doing everything for their children. 

Remember the video the brand launched on Mothers’ Day? It was so personal that’s why I liked it very much. As a mom, I want to make sure that my kids experience only the best. When they’re scared, I give everything to make them feel they have me no matter what. I remember when they were sick, I can’t help but cry because I worry so much but once I face them, I always show my brave and strong side despite the pain inside. I know all of you can relate when I say, during difficult situations such as that, I just wish I could take away their sickness, praying to let me go through all hardships instead of my kids. I practice composure in the middle of troubled circumstances. I make my soft heart tough even when I’m in the verge of falling on my knees. That’s how much I love them. I am so meticulous when it comes to everything I give them. I’m a mix of a protective and an unstinting type of mother who warrants tried and tested products that my kids would love. 
Bibbo Cheesedog is every mom’s partner that ensures kids are well taken care of. It makes my kids so happy with their breakfast, snacks or baon because it is not only meaty and juicy; it is also delicious and tasty that they no longer need to add ketchup or cheese sauce. I love that it is super easy to prepare when I or my kids are in a hurry. 
So, there you go, make your kids a perfect baon for school that they will surely enjoy. That’s one step closer to getting your daily agenda completed! 
Get Bibbo Cheesedogs on your next visit to the supermarket and let your kids experience the cheesy bits and best of life #BibboWithASmile.
To all moms, do you have any stories of the same?

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