Why you should get your very own ASUS ZENBOOK?

I write to inspire others. I recommend products and services that I have first-hand experience with. I share my views to positively influence and help millennial women, especially moms, like me in their decision-making.

To fulfill my goals and do my job very well, I need “tools” just like in other lines of work. One of the most important “tools” that my blogger-self necessitates is a reliable and state-of-the-art laptop. 
Which brand offers everything I am looking for in a laptop? The answer is, none other than, ASUS. 
Let me give you a number of reasons why you should get your very own ASUS ZENBOOK UX305LA, the newest cutting-edge innovation of this leading brand.

ü  Featherweight Enticement- This ASUS Zenbook is a delight to carry because of its slim and lightweight design. Weighing a mere 1.3kg and just 1.49cm thin, you can only imagine the powerful technology it has inside it. Wherever I am, whatever activity I am up to, I can easily and conveniently do my job.

ü  Elegant Zen Color and Make- The chic masterpiece of ASUS is available in 2 schemes – solid Aurora Metallic and archetypal Obsidian Stone. These sophisticated shades added to the artistry that enhances its diamond-cut edges. The manufacturing steps are precise and controlled to form a refined shape with elegantly-tapered wedge that is also practical. I imbibe the qualities as I touch it, I feel dashing and powerful, too.

ü  Ultra-fast and Long-lasting- Worry no more with a battery life that can last 12 hours. Its efficient power handling paired with high-speed processors will make work bliss. With up to 8GB RAM and the latest 5th-generation up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor and all-flash storage up to a 512GB SSD, I can effortlessly multi-task and store all data I want – movies, music, photos, documents – with no down time. Very efficient indeed!

ü  Faster Connections- With constant internet connection demand, my work will be swiftly completed and uploaded because ASUS Zenbook now has the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, speeds at 867Mbit/s. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 that allows connection to other devices with less battery life impact. If you need to connect via USB, there are two USB 3.0 ports that can let you transfer up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 connections. This is very helpful for me, especially if I have to move contents from one device to another. Moreover, it can deliver more power for faster charging up to 50% better through the built-in ASUS USB Charger+ technology.
ü  Super Detailed Display- It has ultra-sharp screen with up to QHD+ resolution of 3200x1800 pixels. It is impeccably bright and easy in the eye, so photos and texts are very detailed. ASUS Splendid technology by the ASUS Golden Eye team purposely developed accurate colors and fine-tuning display to make a perfect view. This would make surfing and blogging so much fun.
ü  Other key feature of the ASUS ZENBOOK UX305LA is the ASUS IceCool technology that prevents heat build-up. It is more comfortable to use even in longer periods of time. For better typing experience, it boasts an outstanding ergonomics with the full-size, one-piece improved keyboard design. The minimal key float makes typing very smooth and relaxing. It also has intuitive touchpads with Smart Gesture technology, such that of smartphone touch screen, that gives high sensitivity and incredible accuracy.

The role is bigger than I and my readers think it is. This is what I realized during the unveiling of ASUS ZENBOOK UX305LA

It was a discovery indeed. Victor Basa led a workshop on how to be stylish and powerful at the same time. He gave us ideas and shared his best practices in seizing effective and impressive outfit snapshots when constructing his blogs. As a blogger himself, he inspired all of us who were present at the event because, not only creative, he emphasized how our career impacts fashion, entertainment, daily living and the future. 
With ASUS ZENBOOK UX305LA, I have become even more driven and motivated. 

I am so excited to capture my chic ASUS Zenbook moments wearing my favorite OOTD.

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