Product Review: Oster Mini Raclette Grill + Giveaway

I have been thinking about a little get together with my family and friends. Well, time just keeps on passing by so quickly with my very busy schedule, and I don’t appreciate the piquancy of heavy traffic if we try to squeeze in a drive to a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Thanks to Oster Mini Raclette Grill, I can now spend more time enjoying life together with my loved ones at the comfort of our home.
Our family loves to eat in Korean restaurants. Our all-time favorite dish? Korean Barbeque! Now, I can make it more special with the help of Oster Mini Raclette Grill. It is an indoor grill that helps you easily create home-made kitchen masterpiece and recipes in your most convenient time. You can now throw that perfect house party with less tedious preparations. Your kids and guests can grill their own cheese, omelette, kebab, smores, fajitas and more. It will be a very enjoyable and healthy experience for everyone.

Oster, a trusted American brand of home and kitchen appliances, guarantees high performance, handy and heavy-duty products such as the popular 10-Speed Osterizer blender, rice cookers, grills, irons, mixers, coffeemakers and many more. 
I tried to use it the first time and here’s my brief review:  I’m simply grateful that Oster Mini Raclette Grill was very easy to setup. 
I guess my kids were all hungry that they made their own smores while I was making sure everything was ready for our main course. I had fun chatting and laughing with entire gang while we wait for the food to be cooked on the grill. We were already eating before we know it. I am usually displeased when the ending comes only because I still had some cleaning to do, but not this time. 

I am very pleased because the grill plate is non-stick and removable for easy clean up! Yes, in fact, one unit of the Oster Mini Raclette Grill includes four (4) non-stick mini pans ideal for melting cheese. It also has an on/off switch with indicator light and cool touch side handles. I didn’t have to worry about the food getting burnt, or our hands getting scorched.

Overall, I and everyone else present in our simple family bonding really had fun using it. I can’t wait for our next time. I better check out other recipes we can all enjoy. I can absolutely recommend it to everyone, especially to busy moms like me. 

Available in Anson's, Landmark, Rustan's and Coleman Stores.

Now, you have the chance to get one unit of Oster Mini Raclette Grill. You just have to follow the mechanics below.

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7. Comment below your Instagram user name and answer the question, what are your favorite food(s) to grill? 

Giveaway ends on July 10, 2016. 
Prizes will be deliver to the winner within Metro Manila only. 

For more information please visit 

Good Luck and Happy cooking!

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  1. IG: @yurilovesteddy

    Lechon, grilled seafoods, BBQ and chicken.

  2. Ig: istin_21
    My favorite food to grill is Liempo! <3 :)

  3. IG: @leomy16
    My favorite food to grill are squid, bangus, tilapya, liempo, hotdog, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, beef, potatoes, and a lot more^_^

  4. Ig: @msfabmi
    Sangeopsal for me! :)
    Please pick me. Thank you!

  5. IG name: lallysreflections
    Our favorite food to grill is porkchop, chicken bbq and bangus! :)

  6. IG: @annpaumacbunso
    My favorite foods to grill are Chicken, steak, liempo, Bangus, hotdogs for my son, squid for my hubby...

  7. IG:je_arcega
    My favorite food to grill are shrimp and squid.

  8. IG: @dianne1276
    My favorite food to grill are burger and hotdogs for my children and pork liempo and veggies for my hubby

  9. Joined!

    IG: @fullyhousewifed

    I love grilled foods and most top of the list to grill are: Pork barbecue, Pork Chops, Bangus (with lots of onions and tomatoes in the middle), Squid, and who's going to forget Steaks?

  10. @marknmarj I love seafoods! I would like to grill salmon, shrimps, mussels and pork belly!

  11. My favorite foods to grill are
    Beef strip and pork,diff.kinds of mushroom,corn and asparagus.


  12. Instagram:@jhenny_duran

    My favorite foods to grill are pork belly,hotdog,bangus and chicken.

  13. IG: @creage14
    My favorite foods to grill are liempo, chicken, grilled cheese sandwich, and grilled veggies! yummm!!

  14. IG: @karenacut

    Would love to grill barbecue, steak, shrimp and salmon!

  15. IG: @abmontierro

    I love grilled food and I love to grill chicken, oyster, and squid.

    My IG post link:

  16. IG: @rcmontierro

    I love eating grill food and I love to grill chicken strips, chicken liver, and shrimps!

  17. IG: @mepinkprincess

    Pork belly, barbecue and chicken.

  18. Hi Ms Rochelle Im joining.
    IG: @amorbereso
    My fave grilled food is chicken and fish and also some veggies, it would be perfect if I own this easy griller to enjoy more the cooking and eating :)

    thank you for this chance to win.

  19. IG: @labingzhampoo

    My favorite foods to grill, seafoooods, also liempo and chicken.. πŸ’―πŸ–

  20. @arjeline01
    My favorite food to grill are liempo,chicken,seafoods and kebab(corn,bell pepper,onion and beef)

  21. @reginalibao My favorite food of my hubby seafood! ��

  22. Ig: @rnzcndlr
    My family loves grilling pork, tilapia and milkfish every now and then. When it's payday, papa always buys us something to grill. Hahaha So, we are looking forward to every 10s and 25s of the month because we're going ti have liempos and such ��������

  23. @abbyrich0414

    My favorite food(s) to grill is liempo, milkfish, tilapia,and corn.

  24. @purplejane29

    I love to grill yakiniku (beef), squid, liempo and sugpo.

  25. IG: @macaraeg_jimma

    My favorite food to grill is liempo.

  26. IG: @jhoei0421

    I LOVE GRILLING AND MY FAVORITE FOODS ARE Perfect Grilled Chicken, Easy Grilled Pork Chops,Asian Grilled CORN, Paella on the Grill, Marinated Grilled Shrimp, Grilled squid & clams.

  27. IG: @olguh

    I love to grill liempo, cream dory and squid!

  28. IG: @arleenoboguin

    I love to grill marinated liempo, chicken and sometimes seafoods.

  29. IG: @kat_honrade
    I love to grill tuna, chicken breast and kebabs!

  30. I love to grill pork, corn, chicken and shrimps! My children loves to eat grilled food and using the Oster Mini Raclette Grill would be so much fun as it is less messy.

  31. My sister and I would like to grill samgyeopsal (korean belly meat) for us to experience how it is to grill the korean way! kahit wala kami sa korea, feeling namin nasa korea na kami. Please make this possible. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰ This is going to be exciting! 😁

    IG: @analiezell


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