Shopee Beauty Affair with Albert Kurniawan

Whether you're a full on beauty queen or haven't updated your makeup-bag, Shopee has plenty to offer when it comes to getting hold of the best in cosmetics and skincare. Shopee the leading mobile marketplace where beauty enthusiasts can discover a wide range of hard-to-find but highly popular brands, all accessible and sold at affordable prices. 

Shopee is a mobile-first social marketplace where everyone can browse, shop and sell. Click here to learn more and read about my experience when it comes to buying and selling at Shopee 

Recently, I attended a beauty community meet-up called Shopee Beauty Affair at Prohibition Lounge where I learned valuable make-up tips from celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan who conducted a makeup workshop on creating a Day-to-Night look and tips on choosing the right makeup when shopping online. 

He says that when it comes to shopping for makeup online, one must find a trusted marketplace that offers a range of products suitable for every occasion.

Beauty enthusiasts are different from other enthusiasts because they look to expert opinions and peer reviews before buying anything online. It’s perfect because not only does Shopee offer a wide variety of products that cater to the beauty needs of the Filipino women, but it also helps its buyers decide on a purchase based on product and seller reviews.

Some of Shopee’s top beauty sellers who featured their products at the event shared that Shopee regularly engages with its community of buyers and sellers both online and offline. 

Starting and maintaining an online shop has its challenges, but thanks to Shopee, I was able to overcome them. I’ve been able to reach out and even develop personal relationships with a lot of my customers through events like this, which help double my sales the past few months, says seller Eunice Hirakawa, owner of Kering Keri Store on Shopee.

We’ve seen a lot of beauty products become bestsellers on Shopee months before they are known in the mainstream. We owe that to our highly attuned community of buyers and sellers who can spot the trends even before department stores and malls do. This knowledge of the industry and the power to create cult products usually reserved for beauty professionals have contributed to Shopee’s early success with the Philippines’ beauty buyers. With features such as the trending hashtags, curated collections, and popular products tab, Shopee creates a more personal online shopping experience by allowing its buyers to easily discover the products that suit their interests. We aim to grow together with our users not only through the business, but also by becoming better informed about the beauty industry by learning from and celebrating the very people who use these products, said Macy Castillo, Shopee Philippines Head of Commercial Business.
Download the Shopee app now to enjoy your wonderful beauty affair. :-) 

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