Be ready. Before rainy seasons strikes, one of the things I'm planning to do is to complete my groceries and make sure that everything is good to go. To be honest, this applies to whichever time of the year- thinking about my kids' constant wants for food, and a lot of family and friends' surprise visits. I simply love to keep my storage packed. This time, I'm really thankful for Robinsons Supermarket that I can do my shopping daily and take advantage of the special offers. 

In line with the Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival, shoppers can enjoy a month-long festivity and exciting offers. Definitely, two thumbs up! This is Freshtival's 3rd anniversary, supporting families to get guaranteed-fresh choices. 
This celebration compliments Robinsons Supermarket's "Route to Wellness" program, which promotes healthier lifestyle whole year round. I will absolutely be part of this! 

Each of the week is dedicated to a particular section where shoppers can  take advantage various offers, price-offs and freebies
  • Meaty Mondays
  • Poultry Galore Tuesdays
  • Fresh Pick Wednesdays
  • Deli Delight Thursdays
  • Fresh Dairy Fridays
  • Oven Fresh Saturdays 
  • Seafood Sunday Specials

Mark your calendars and enjoy the best offers, discounts, plus freebies! What a way to shop! 

For more information about Robinsons Supermarket and Freshtival, like it on Facebook of visit its official website at

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