Remember how you associate scent to a certain feeling or experience? That happens to me a lot. It happens when I smell the food in the kitchen, in the streets, or in a restaurant. It almost feels (should I say “taste”?) like the aroma picks a certain memory from the deepest part of my brain, and brings it anew. There are even times when I whiff a specific and pronounced tang of a place I seem to suddenly get transported. Imagine taking a deep breath, eyes closed, smile on the face while you are in your favorite place.  A really good scent uplifts my feelings and bring a positive aura to my overall being. Indeed, scent has an effect to one’s mood and emotion. This is the idea behind FAVORI.
FAVORI, French for “favorite”, is handcrafted with passion. Each bottle of FAVORI Aroma Oil underwent careful research and testing to come up with transcendent formulations that can capture one’s unique scent preference.  Every creation is a scent for the soul. FAVORI believes in the power of our sense of smell, and how it can take our experiences to a whole new level. As I mentioned above, our sensory experience can take us beyond time and space.  
FAVORI aims to bring positive memories back to life and inspire feelings of relaxation. The aromas for living well can be used not only in the bedroom or living room. It can also be used in the kitchen, office areas, and the like as the anti-bacterial agent helps eliminate unwanted odors. What a better way to live, work and enjoy fresh-smelling environment. 
I am so lucky to receive an Aerator from FAVORI! It’s very easy to setup. Aerators work with aroma oils. It sucks in unwanted particles and stench, even bacteria, then releases clean and fresh air through the process of ultrasonic atomization. This is perfect for our home. There are cute and adorable designs to choose from depending on where you want to put it.

Unlike burners which create smoke and strong scent, Aerators uses water. I’m so glad that I get could control how strong the fragrance could get depending on the number of oil drops I put into the water. Ideally, the minimum level of water can take 5-10 drops of oil (there’s a mark on the vessel for you to know the minimum and maximum water level it can contain).
The aroma oils break down with water to, not only make the room smell really good, also humidify the area.  Make sure to select the blue bottles, the other set is for burners. 
I love the stimulating and relaxing scent of lavender because it helps me sleep better after a long day. There’s a bunch of fragrances to choose from, I feel like I gotta ‘em all! 
FAVORI also encourages customers to return empty FAVORI bottles as part of its advocacy to recycle. Starting July 15, 2016 you may enjoy discounts on your next purchase when you return your bottles. 

If you have FAVORI Rewards promo card, make sure to collect 10 stamps to get FREE Leaf Aerators. Every Php 1000-worth of purchase entitles you one stamp. Promo runs until October 15, 2016 and redemption of the FREE Leaf Aerators is up until December 15, 2016.

For more information on FAVORI products, 
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FAVORI scents are available at Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

UPDATE: The winner will be announced on my Facebook Page. Currently, checking all the entries. Stay tuned! 

Good Luck and Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. My favorite scent is lavender because it has a calming and relaxing effect to my soul and body! I tried to research also about lavender and I found out that it reduces the severity of depression.

    Thanks for this chance Ms. Rochelle!

  2. Done all steps! Hoping to win miss Rochelle Rivera

  3. My favorite scent si LAVANDER because so calming and refreshing. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I alwayslove the lemon scent, its fresh scent gives relaxation to my mind and senses.

  5. my favorite scent is lavender... it makes me feel so calm and relax... the scent of lavender tickles my senses for me to be so peaceful

  6. Lemon for me please! The citrus scent of Lemon makes me relax after a very tiring day! 😍😍😍

  7. I don't really know the variant of that smell that I always smell everytime I go to SM Megamall. I always tell my friends "Welcome to my condo :D"

  8. I have never tried this.. Must be heavenly scented..

    ✔️hoping to get the chance to try them ������

  9. I still love Lavender. Has been my all time favorite but lately we're having the Pine Scent at home. Makes me miss Baguio a little less. :)

  10. Thank you po for the chance Ms. Rochelle Rivera would love to try this po i love the scent of lemon May you always be blessed Ms. Rochelle

  11. I love the Lemon because it is refreshing, revitalizing and uplifting because of the citrus scent. And gives you a good mood.

  12. I would love to try your favorite scent to (Lavander)

  13. Thanks for this giveaway ms. Rochelle. Godbless.

  14. My husband really loves aroma oils. We have Rose,PepperMint,Mint and Lavander Oils in the house.
    We use the Peppermint during day time because it makes the house smell so fresh and clean.
    While the Lavender I use it during night time because it helps me feel sleepy,it makes as calm and the scent is so relaxing.
    The rose scent usually I use this one when we are celebrating a special occasion like anniversary it makes the atmosphere so nice and sweet

  15. I do love Lavender so much because it makes me calm, unwind and in good mood. No stress at all whenever I smell Lavender, super relaxing!!!

  16. I've tried the lavender . A very relaxing scent :) not sure about the others though . I got the lavender as a gift . But will be checking the other scen soon !

  17. I am a perfume and cologne fetish, hence, I am hoping to officially smell ones from FAVORI scents considering that it is really captivating based from the kind of good reviews in this blog :")

  18. HI again Ms pretty Rochelle have a good night Im joining again I'll get lucky in one of your giveaway. Thank you.

  19. my favorite would be anything minty ( peppermint) it just makes you feel relax:)


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