How can you say it is motivating?

Motivations come in different forms. Sometimes it could be something that one might not like or wish for or even once imagined. 
You might ask, “Then, how can you say it is motivating?” That’s where the challenge comes in. It is not easy to look at a terrible experience in a positive way. An awful feeling or event can more likely cause depression rather than inspiration. I truly believe that a person who gets out of a very difficult situation positively driven is a strong-willed individual. Losing someone we love is certainly painful, disheartening and miserable. Based upon my personal experience, it was really hard for me to keep focus at my own health and state of being knowing the person who’s close to me was in a bad shape. There were sleepless nights, loss of appetite, and countless times I cried. Going back to my regular routine was like learning every single thing anew, what more is turning a negative experience into an encouragement. 

Coach Mau, in this video, shows us nothing is impossible when you believe and don’t drop being hopeful. He was a “tambay” turned into more than a fitness coach. Indeed, when you’re at the lowest point of your life, there’s no other way but up. The choice to either stay down there or move up is yours to make, nobody else would do it for you. 
People around you are there to help you and give you a little push, but you will be the one who will decide if you’re going to set foot on that spring board to find your way to the top. Want to know how he did it? Watch the video and be motivated to turn things around to be fit and healthy.

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