I used to have some really bad habits I thought I could never break. I guess all of us have been to such a point in our lives where we were so scared to let go. Let go of the past, let go of the people we love, let go of things that we thought we couldn’t live without. We’re too afraid to leave our comfort zone.

I used to drink a lot when I was still in my early 20’s. During those times, I made myself believe that it was just a way to cope up with stress and diffuse certain pressure around me. I cared less of my health, my body. I was just having fun not thinking about tomorrow. The hangovers didn’t make me stop. Nobody, nothing could convince me it was going to solve anything. I regret it, especially because it gave me a beer-belly which required a lot of effort to trim down. I abandoned that very bad habit of mine years ago, and dropped the negative things I held onto from the past. Changing your focus to optimism would really help.

This video will be relatable to many including myself. Vanessa’s story can be sum up to “Go hard or go home.” She said that herself when asked what drives her to becoming fit. Would you believe that she used to be a party girl? She was It dawned on her that she’s already abusing her body. Before it was too late, she made a turn and changed her lifestyle. At 26, she is now a Personal Trainer at SPARTA Philippines. Watch the video and see how she did it.

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