How to Have a Stress-free and Economic Travel Preparation?

For most people I know, including myself, travelling is a part of their long list of life goals. The feeling of fulfillment when that little check mark goes into that tiny box could bring a huge amount of joy. For some, travelling is simply part of their job. Ha, the lucky ones! It’s like saying, “Nope, you’ve got no choice, get your bag packed now.” Or something like, “Get your passport, we’ll take care of the rest. You have to be in this place, or else.” For some more lucky ones, travelling is a reward. It could either be free tickets won from the company’s pa-raffle and Rewards & Recognition Program, or a prize from a brand’s promotional campaign. 
Travelling can also be someone’s way to escape, to get away from problems or heal a broken heart. 
Some would travel to look for their lost selves and be whole again. 
Others choose to begin a new journey by popping the big question on a trip. 
Paul and Jane Zamar Wedding in Boracay, Philippines
Of course, destination weddings are so popular nowadays.

There’s definitely a lot more reasons why people go on a trip than what I have already mentioned. 
For me, I travel to have wonderful adventures and awe-inspiring experiences. 
It’s also a level-up way to bond with my family, improve my emotional state and have a more positive outlook in life.

The “how” part is challenging, though. So, I have listed down some tips that have been helping me make the preparations easy and economic.
  • Plan ahead of time. I usually allot six months to a year in preparing for a trip. This gives me time to save up and make necessary arrangements. Plus, if you have noticed, the earlier the travel date the more expensive it can get. Budget and time are definitely the contributing and, most often, the deciding factors on whether to go for it or not.
  • Limit your baggage. Depending on how many days your vacation will be, make sure to bring only the things you need. I actually plan my daily outfits before packing my things. Same thing goes with my kids’ and husband’s stuffs. I make sure that we don’t exceed the maximum amount of luggage we can carry. I know some people who would do everything in their power to fit in the entire cabinet for a 3-day trip. 
  • Be in the lookout for promos and seat sales. I go for off-peak seasons. I usually book one-way ticket when I see a seat sale. Then, I wait for another seat sale promo for my return ticket. This way scheduling and planning of seat assignment, date and time can be more flexible. There’s a higher probability that I can choose the cheapest combinations.
  • Nowadays, there are different payment methods to choose from when booking your flight and accommodation. If you have a credit card that lets you earn miles, use it as much as possible. Frequent flier memberships are definitely an advantage after a few jaunts, before you can even think about it, a free trip already awaits you.
  • Choose budget-friendly travel packages. You want to enjoy your stay as well as not worry about not having any cash afterwards. I personally don’t want to drain my savings one-time big time. And if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for travel packages, and the best and most honest prices for flights and hotels, Traveloka is just a click away from your computer or mobile phone. There are no hidden charges and no booking fee. What you see is what you pay!
Summer vacation may already be over, but this should not stop you from creating new memories in new places. I hope this helps you plan your most-awaited trip. The fun can start even before your travel date!

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