Summer Steals and Promos
 from SnR!

SnR is back at it again with the season sale! There’s no better way to start any season or in this case summer, than shopping essentials at SnR. They’ve got the best deals in town and let me show you a glimpse of it.
To jumpstart our summer, we need to be in our best shape. SnR has this awesome thing called 5-in-1 summer fun pack. It contains a set of jumping ropes and hula-hoop that will surely help us get to the grind and get that beach bod that we all want. With these equipment, we can exercise at the comfort of our own home for it requires very minimal moving space. It also has a sky bouncer which is like a mini trampoline that our kids can enjoy.
Of course, to attain or maintain a great figure besides exercising, we also need to eat healthy. One of the healthiest thing you can drink today is Wheatgrass. It is an excellent healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein. 
SnR also have this crazy line up of inflatable/playground for children. 
But my personal favorite, would have to be the inflatable pool because the heat these days is just too much. I just want to lay all day in the pool to relieve the hotness of this tropical country. 

Coming in next is a good pair to our inflatable pool. These awesome beach chairs would surely make you feel like you’re in a beach resort.
As a kid, my favorite summer activity is water fight! And SnR just brought water fight into a whole new level with these things called stream machine. It looks like something my kids would enjoy and even me. I can already imagine the fun we would have with these.  

Just thinking about the inside of these fruits is already refreshing. Eating a cold fresh watermelon is life. Check out these fresh fruits!
Summer means hours of swimming. May it be in the pool or beach, sticky hair is inevitable. But worry no more for Pantene now offers a variant called summer rescue conditioner. It is designed to rejuvenate and fix hair in just a matter of 3 minutes!

Steak! Perfect for any occasion. Just imagine grilling this nice piece of meat while chilling in the pool side. This is the way to go for summer grilling session! 

A new air conditioning system and a smart fan is the best way to beat the summer heat when you're at home. The heat is too intense right now that having no AC or turning it off is like putting yourself in the oven. Check out these aircons and smart fan at SnR to refresh and cool your home. 

American Home Window Type Air Conditioner 1HP (P25,000) P10,000 discount from P35,000. 

They also have the 1.5HP variant for P29,499 P10,500 discount from its original price of P39,999.
A paradise of flavors to pump up summer fun! 

Hiland Ice Cream 1 Pint BUY 2 for P199 
Tin Roof Sundae, Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Moose Track Vanilla, Strawberries n, Cream, Belgian Chocolate. 

Ice cream is best enjoyed during the summer. Grab some Ben & Jerry's to brighten up your day. 

Ben & Jerry 16oz Cherry Garcia/ Choco Chip Cookie Dough P249 each Before P329. 
The must-have fashion essential you'll use everyday. From a beach bag to a run to the grocery, a diaper bag to a picnic in the park, the Emily Cozy Bag is durable, and quite simply, an eye-catcher. 

Whether you are having an all-out water fight, making a water balloon pinata or a bunch of other things find out how to get the most out of your Bunch O Balloons. 
Running out of clean towels can be a problem during this summer season especially if you're always going for a swim or heading for the beach. Replacing your old ones with these colorful towels is also a great idea. Flaunt it in the beach or hang in the bathroom. Either way, it looks great! 

If there is one thing my boys would agree on, it would be "ball is life". They are huge basketball fans and loves playing the sport in our backyard. Getting them new balls would really make their summer more fun. 

Voit Size 7 Basketball for only P699 are on a Buy 1 Take 1 promotion. 

There are a whole lot of other things at SnR that will surely make your summer a hundred times better. Go on and visit any of their stores and find just what you’re looking for. Their deals are a steal as always! 

Another hot deal SnR Membership Shopping has ongoing is the Power Fuel Savers. Convert to the S&R Mag Stripe card which is absolutely essential for members to avail of the discount of P3.00 off per litre of Gasoline and P2.00 off per litre of Diesel at all participating Unioil branches. 

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Happy shopping! 

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  1. Love the inflatable.too Ms. Rochelle. My kids will love it ��

  2. Hi Ms Rochelle, ask ko lang po if kukunin nila ung card if papaconvert? Kasi I lost mine =(


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