Have Fun This Rainy Season with Safeguard

The rain is becoming so unpredictable nowadays. One minute the sun is shining in all its glory, the next minute it’s pouring like crazy outside. Admit it, it can get frustrating at times, like when the entire family is already prepped up to go out and have some quality time in the park or mall. It happens to me a lot. And it takes twice the effort to change back to your house clothes and figure out how you are going to make that gloomy day an exciting one for the gang while indoor. While you can curl up with a great book or watch an entire season of your favorite series, sometimes you want different activities to do at home. And, well, if you have kids, you’re going to need lots of options.

In the past, we have done some baking and cooking, which my kids totally relished. Because I am busy most of the time, I find these indoor activities as a great way to bond with them and relax. Besides, it is unsafe and, of course, a hassle to be on the road when it showers. To bust boredom, I have been thinking of new things that we could do and appreciate together. 

Here are my top three:

1. Try arts and crafts
Kids these days can be very attached to electronic gadgets like tablets and computers, especially when they get bored. Personally, I don’t like it when they spend so much time with technology as their playmate.  As much as possible, I want to take every opportunity for them to learn something new, even when they’re stuck inside the house during bad weather. So, I thought we could get our hands dirty and show our creative side doing some artsy fartsy activities. You’ll be surprised when you realize there are endless artistic and inventive ideas you can actually do using old materials at home. 

For example, I have been keeping old jars and containers not knowing what to do with them until now. So, we recycled and turned them into Lego storage jars! I let them design, paint their own containers and label them. That’s one great project for them, and one effective way for me to keep these small pieces of Lego spick-and-span. We’ll try recycling boxes to make stylish chests for some more clutter next time.

2. Indoor treasure hunt
Cabin fever can set in fast during rainy days. Aside from exploring our creativity, we have setup an indoor treasure hunt to keep the day lively. Our house is not big, so it was a bit of a challenge to find a spot to place the clues and things to look for. But it just made it more fun! Game face on and all sweaty, my three boys were really into the search for the treasure, which was a combination of their favorite biscuits and chocolates. They swept every corner of our kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room. They played as a team against time pressure so they all shared the prize at the end of the game. It was a joy to witness. Next time, they want me to make the clues a little more difficult. Haha!

3. Sort through old stuff and plan a garage sale
As a business-minded mom, I regularly hold garage sales to get rid of my old clothes and things, and earn extra cash. I thought of getting my kids involved as motivation and asked them to sort their old clothes and toys, too. It’s one way of teaching them to be economic and to be able to give up the things they no longer need. I let them propose the prices for the items and we discussed what they wanted to do with the eventual profit. We ended having so many old belongings to let go, so instead of selling all of them, we agreed to donate some of their stuffs as well. My heart was swelling with pride. I think this was one of the most meaningful activities we did together. It also meant a lot to them.

While making sure that my sons enjoy every moment, as they discover new skills and learn from new experiences, I also make sure they are protected from germs. Safeguard gives me peace of mind because it shields my kids from harmful microorganisms. For example, just imagine how much germs and even mould have formed in old items that have been stored away for years! We all made it a habit at home to always wash our hands before and after meals and cooking, and when taking a bath with Safeguard. As we know, as much as we want to keep our home squeaky clean and spotless, germs are still everywhere. But it helps when I have the trusted brand to help me take care of my kids. Doing the activities above becomes even more memorable when you know that, even if they all get dirty and sweaty, there’s nothing to worry about. Safeguard is the #1 protection from germs, not only outside my home but inside as well.

So, when the forecast is grim, put on your coziest pajamas, and pick one of the fun things to do at home. Embrace the day as time to recharge and reconnect with people you love.


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  1. It's been a while po :) Just to share my daughter's story po. She's 12 years old now. Nagka-menstruation po sya nung 9 years old pa lang sya (napakabata po para sa akin) At yun nga ang bilis nagbago ng katawan nya, pati smell nya hindi na amoy baby. I tried several soaps para mawala ang body odor nya... Ang kelangan ko lang pala SAFEGUARD BODY WASH. Ito po ang gamit nya. At first kase natakot ako na baka matapang at maging rough ang skin nya kaya ayoko i try. At last na try ko sya. Sa ngayon smelling fresh na sya at hindi na nahihiya na magka body odor dahil super safe and effective ang safeguard to protect her from germs...

    1. Thanks for sharing Jenny! Mabisa talaga Safeguard. Saken naman yan ginagamit ko sa mukha pag nakalimutan ko maghilamos sa gabi and effective din sya for prevention sa pimples. Super safe naman ang Safeguard kaya ako din ito yung gamit na talaga namen buo family. Simula nung Safeguard namen hindi ko na sila masyado dinadala sa doctor :) hindi na naging sakitin din. Nakatuwa malaman na yung daughter mo ay natulungan din ng safeguard.

  2. Good day Ms Rochelle :)
    I admire you on how you keep your family connected kahit pa Napaka busy mong mommy at blogger. I always say I'm always busy coz I work from 10am to 7pm everyday Tapos I have to be a mother to my son. Pero seeing all your daily activities, sabi ko sa sarili ko kung kaya mo dapat kaya ko rin at dapat kayanin ko rin Hehehe.
    As a mother I always want to keep my son clean to protect him from all the germs but At his age (4) marami syang gustong hawakan at eexplore sa labas ng bahay, Mabuti na lang may Safeguard na tumutulong sakin to keep him clean after playing outdoor. Since I was young talagang I use and trust Safeguard to keep us guarded from germs. Thank you po for sharing your stories, Im learning many things from you po. :)
    ๐Ÿ˜ -Amor-

  3. Super effective talaga ang safeguard. Kasi wala talagang body odor.. Favorite nmin ni hu by yung men' bodywash ng safeguard. I first discovered it as a free sample from evryday me. And it is true to its claim. Kaya never kmi nawawalan ng stock sa bahay.. Pangmalakasan si safeguard! Xoxo- katie


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