The Making of a Picture Perfect Home: Dining Room Make Over

September, being my birth month, is filled with excitement. There’s so much to be thankful for, and I wanted to be able to celebrate with my family, friends and readers. On my birthday, I made sure to have a wonderful time with my family and close friends. My boys really made it special for me. Yes, I’m the queen! I also had a few minutes on Facebook live with my dearest friends to share my happiness with our supporters in social media. I have been very busy that I almost forgot that we have visitors coming over for my birthday party at home. Therefore, I decided to give our dining room a new look.

Plastic plates

I wanted to bring hues and style to it because I just realized how dull it was. And because my birthday’s theme this year is “rainbows and unicorns”, I thought a revamp to make it more alive and inviting would be very timely. The best part about makeovers? SHOPPING!!!

Thanks to my S&R membership, I can choose from imported treats and various housewares and appliances. Being a mom, I love homemaking because I get to express myself. Every part of the house is like my own personal artwork. While checking out the great selections at S&R, my mind was already starting to picture how my dining room would look like. Our visitors are in for a treat!

I was planning to prepare some dinner, so a good set of dining ware would be perfect for the celebration. I was so happy that this Corelle glass dinnerware is on sale! I saved almost Php3000 for the durable and stylish 18-piece dining set. Amazing!

I can use this set for any occasion as it is timeless and it can make any banquet stand out. It is non-porous, microwave safe, and light for easy handling and storage. You get your money’s worth. This is like an investment to me.

I also bought some placemats to make our dining table look bright and dainty.

To make the party more colorful and fun, I intended to prepare fresh fruit and milk shakes instead of the usual juice and soft drinks.

This Tough Mama Blender will make it happen. I got this for only Phph649!

Since it was discounted, I also bought this 13-piece glass milk bottles with straws in different colors. Super nice!

Well, S&R does not only offer marked down stuff for my dining room make over. I also found these discounted must-haves. You can save up to 50% on towels, bed sheets, comforters, pillows, table and chair balcony set, sofas. You name it, S&R got it! These deals are simply irresistible. Don’t be surprised if I renovate our living room, terrace, bathroom and bedroom next.

Oh! Before I forget, let me introduce to you my new friend. This giant unicorn stuffed toy is like a dream come true. Weeee!

I also saw this very cute unicorn humidifier. This is perfect for my birthday theme!

After my fun-filled shopping, I got some sweet treats from The Cheesecake Factory. I couldn’t contain my joy knowing I don’t have to wait for our next US trip just to experience this little piece of heaven. I’m very pleased that S&R now has my ever favorite cheesecake.

The day is almost over, but not without seeing the new look of my dining room. As soon as we got home, I impatiently unboxed the items I got from this delightful S&R Members’ Treat. 



 Now, we’re ready to party!

I hope you got inspired with my effortless dining room make over. It doesn’t have to be a grand or major change. Just make it exciting and fresh enough to look revamped.

Here are some other things I bought at SnR
Our favorite Chef Tony’s Mini Tubs Popcorn for only P479.75
My favorite cereal in the States: Lucky Charms!
Quaker Instant Oatmeal with 3 different yummy variety flavors
HOME BASICS Montauk Pillowcase 800 thread
BUY 1 TAKE 1 for P349
Allerease Natural Organic Pillow 2pack for P999 Before P1,199

Check out the great deals at S&R and be a member if you haven’t enrolled yet. You will enjoy shopping more than ever with the Members’ Treat sale! #LoveSnR

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  1. Nice!! :) Ako naman, kusina ang inayos ko! Hahaha! :)

    Congrats! Your dining room looks great! :)

  2. Hi! How much was the unicorn plushie? ☺


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