Stay #PawsitivelyHappy amid epic ‘red’ days with Softex Hello Kitty sanitary pads

Always dreading the onset of your monthly period? Cheer up! The good news is that you can stay “pawsitively happy” and covered throughout your cycle -- the fun and kawaii way courtesy of Softex Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad.
Tweens, teens, and ever loyal adult fans of Hello Kitty can now confidently conquer their period woes with their new “BFF”. The latest, albeit the cutest feminine hygiene product line featuring the beloved cat, Softex Hello Kitty’s “purrfect” hypoallergenic and ISO-certified sanitary pads come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and absorbencies that fit various menstrual flows and stages. True enough, Softex Hello Kitty sanitary pads are guaranteed to keep any girl safely covered in every stage of her monthly period. 

While the overly adorable kawaii packaging is too cute to resist, don't be deceived by its sweet appearance though, as inside, each Softex Hello Kitty pad works double time in providing you with maximum leak protection and ultra absorbent features, just as with top caliber brands in the market -- only cuter! Add to this the gentle, cottony softness of the pads that keeps you comfortably dry and fully covered as you go about your daily activities. Girls, you indeed may have found a new BFF in Softex Hello Kitty pads! As Hello Kitty has always been the iconic ambassador of fun, happiness, and friendship, you can count on Softex Hello Kitty feminine pads to stick with you -- through thick or thin -- just like a true “feline” friend.

For light days and everyday freshness, use Softex Hello Kitty Pantyliner Forever Fresh, a 20-piece set of pantyliners with extra 5 liners that are soft to touch and stick firmly to the underwear.   

From light to heavy stages of monthly periods, there’s two Softex Hello Kitty lines to choose from: Softex Light Airy and Softex Comfort Slim.

Softex Light Airy is the ultra-thin and super absorbent line made with Silktouch ® Surface Technology. It features a durable base and a silky soft surface. At just 2mm thin, Softex Light Airy is perfect for a discreet look and comfort feel.

To provide protection for all types of period flow, Softex Light Airy offers 3 sizes: Regular Flow (a 24-cm pad sold in 20 pieces;  ideal for everyday use), Heavy Flow (suitable for day and night use, this 29cm pad is sold in a 15-piece pack), and Extra Heavy Flow ( featuring a 35cm-long pad which makes it one of the longest pads there is in the market and comes in packs of 10s).

For girls looking for medium thick pads that ensure a dry and comfortable experience all day, there’s Softex Comfort Slim, which is built with a pillow-feel top sheet and breathable layer. Thanks to its Liquid Lock-In feature, it provides maximum protection from leakage by magically absorbing liquid in just 1 second! It now has 4 variants, each sold in different quantities: Regular Wing and Non-Wing (23cm long,available in solo packs/8s/20s); Heavy Flow (29cm long, in 8s and 16s with 2 free pads); and Extra Heavy with Wings (at 36 cm long, it is considered one of the longest pads in the market, available in packs of 6s and 12s).

What makes Softex Hello Kitty extra cute and special is that it is the first brand to offer a special combo package that covers the whole menstrual cycle:  the Softex Light Airy 3-in-1 set which contains 4 Regular Flow pads, 5 Heavy Flow pads, 6 Extra Heavy Flow pads and 2 free pantyliners while Softex 2-in-1 combo pack has 12 pads of Comfort Slim Regular with Wings (23cm) and 8 pads of Comfort Slim Long Heavy Flow (29cm).

Stay confidently safe and “pawsitively” secured with the caring support of your new BFF, Softex Hello Kitty sanitary pads, which are available in different adorable designs in selected Watsons, Puregold, Robinsons, Waltermart, Metro Gaisano, and soon in drugstores nationwide. 

For fresh product and promo updates, follow Softex Hello Kitty in Facebook (Softex Hello Kitty PH), Instagram (@softexhellokittyph) and Twitter (@SoftexHK_PH).

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