Tips in Managing Fever at Home

We, moms, are no doctors - except, of course, for those who are really licensed in the medical field. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot take care of our own kids when they are sick. Mother’s instinct, as what they say. We use our warmth and our loving hands to ease their pain and make them feel better. Sometimes, I want to believe that having three kids becomes handy when you’re a nurse. I just can’t help but be worrisome at the slightest symptom or indication of fever.

Yes, it is highly recommended to see a physician or pediatrician whenever our children are not feeling well. We always want to seek the experts’ opinions when our health, our life, is at stake. Although, there will be times, after a series of tests has been done and infections were ruled out, when the doctor will send you home and give prescriptions and out-patient recommendations. Staying in the hospital or having any family member get confined there for days has always been on my least-favorite-things-to-do list.

In this case, you may take note of the following ways to manage fever at home.

1. A thermometer is a must-have in your first-aid kit.
Document the fever pattern. This is important as this will indicate whether you have to go back to the doctor for more tests or not. There are different types of thermometers. Tympanic thermometers are not usually recommended because their use outside the clinic is unreliable. Glass thermometers work well but may break, and they take several minutes to get a reading. I keep a digital thermometer as recommended by our doctor. It is inexpensive and can obtain a reading in seconds.

2. Do not overdress
I used to make my kids were pajamas, socks, and thick clothes under their sweatshirt when they have fever. They complain of feeling cold when their temperature spikes. This is not a good practice though. Overdressing keeps the body from cooling down naturally. Dress your child in a single layer of clothing, and then cover him/her with a sheet or light blanket.

3. Sponge bath in warm water
Usually, we don’t give our children a bath (and they don’t like it either) when they are sick. Since they’re just indoors and in bed rest almost the entire time, they might not need it anyway. However, this may more quickly reduce the fever. Put him/her in a few inches of warm water, and use a sponge or washcloth to wet the skin of the body, arms and legs. The water itself does not cool the child. The evaporation of the water off the skin does. So, do not cover the child with wet towels, which would prevent it.

4. Hydrate by drinking lots of fluids
I trust that we all know this. Even when there’s no fever, we have to always hydrate. Plus, humans lose extra water from the skin and lungs during a fever. So, encourage your child to drink clear fluids, not only plain water. Water does not contain the necessary electrolytes and glucose. Also, make sure that he/she urinates light-colored urine at least every four hours. That means, your child is well hydrated.

5. Always be ready with paracetamol to effectively reduce fever
The primary goal in managing your child’s fever is to lower it down to make him or her comfortable. CALPOL is a doctor-recommended paracetamol and my one and only trusted brand for my kids. Do not use aspirin to treat fever as it has been linked to liver failure in some children. CALPOL is best when it comes to pain and fever associated with headache, teething, earache, cold & flu, immunization, and sore throat. Always read the label for dosage and frequency.

If your child’s condition does not improve after reducing the fever, there could be a more serious problem that may need further medical attention. Immediately go to the emergency when this happens.

I hope these tips may help you when the situation calls for it. For now, take care of yourselves momshies, and always put our child’s health on top of our priority.

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  1. I remember my mother she is always onhand whenever we are sick.


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