How I lost Weight || My Fitness Journey

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."

This quote summarizes my ride towards my fitness goals this year. I embarked and committed to this journey encouraged and with a positive mindset. 
Before the end of last year, I knew that I really need to push myself even more to be able to reach my goals. If not, at least, get very close to it.

So, since we’re about to wrap 2017 up, I think it’s high time that I evaluate how I faired in terms of the efforts I have put in to invest in my health and wellness, and whether the results were favorable. Also, I’d like to share some tips that may hopefully help and inspire moms like me to start working on their fitness goals as well.

Start with an activity that you're interested in or already enjoy—it doesn't have to be what your friend said helped her lose weight or what the group-class trend of the moment is. What matters is that you like it. If you don't want to do it, you will make an excuse to skip it tonight (and tomorrow, and the next day). 

As for me, I love feeling like Superwoman in a good kickboxing class or boxing session.
I love how it feels like a party rather than a workout with Zumba.
Cycling makes me feel like a kid again.

1. Awareness is key.
Know your body and health status before anything else. I constantly go to my doctor for regular check-up and consultation to help me determine whether a certain activity that I’d like myself to get into is safe or not. As a mom who’s undergone three pregnancies and been diagnosed with PCOS, I want to make sure that what I eat and do will definitely be beneficial rather than detrimental for me. Being cognizant and aware about your own physique is important as this will be your basis or foundation for your fitness goal setting. Aside from physicians, you can also talk to a gym instructor or fitness guru (or any other health experts) to assist you in planning. I have been doing these in the past couple of years, and I always learn something new. They keep me informed, and inspire me as well.

2. Eat healthy. Do healthy.
Being fit does not only entail food intake. Some would fall into crash diet thinking that being fit equates to simply losing weight. And they end up being unhealthy. Proper food intake and a healthy diet must come hand in hand with the right amount of exercise or physical activities. I have realized in my experiences that there should always be a balance, especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. It’s all about balance.

3. Discipline and determination to keep going.
Once you have established your fitness goals and started working on them, you have to be consistent at what you do right. The result you want to see at the end of this journey is not the result that you want to see after the first, second or even the third time you executed your plan. You have to have the will and persistence to work really hard. Yes, it will not always be easy. I tell you, most of the time, it’ll be very difficult. Just like other goals we have set for ourselves, they will involve sacrifices.

You will be all swollen and sweaty, but you have to keep going. I remembered having to run kilometers, but still felt beautiful and smelled fresh afterwards with the help of Downy Anti-bac!

The cause of bad odor is when the germs from our sweat spreads on our clothes called malodor. It’s basically when clothes start smelling bad moments after you put them on because dirt and odors get trapped deep down in the fabrics of workout clothes but Downy Anti-Bac actually fights off up to 99% germs/bacteria that causes malodor on your clothes from spreading and that’s why I still smell fresh after a sweaty workout.

This entire journey is absolutely challenging to start with, and fulfilling as you reach the end.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with what I have accomplished. I have been very active all throughout this year, and checked almost everything in my checklist to achieve a healthy and strong body. How about you? Did you get a good grasp of your fitness goals this year?

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