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Time does fly when you’re having so much fun! And come to think of it, a few more days, we’ll be welcoming the month of June and summer vacation is already over. It’s that time of the year where kids start to open their books and mommies are preparing for their kid’s schooling. Well, what better way to do your back-to-school shopping spree than spending it with National Book Store, right?
Being a mother of three boys, I spend a lot of time organizing and preparing for their everyday needs. Especially when it comes to their education. Last May 15, 2018, I was invited at National Book Store located at SM North EDSA to do my annual back-to-school shopping. I was excited to go over the new items that they have in store, as those brings back memories of when I was shopping for my own school things with my Mom. Here are some of the finds that I have checked out that you can also buy for your kid’s school needs:
1.    Backpack to School
This backpack is made of plastic and nylon materials, which is very efficient during rainy seasons. This bag has everything that a student needs for their first day of school. It has notebooks, pencils, ball pen, envelope, crayons, scissors and many more. You can choose from bags for grades 1 to 3 and bags for grades 4 to 6, costing 329 pesos and 399 pesos, respectively.

2.    Grab and Go Packs
Grab and Go packs are pouches that includes specific school materials for students from Grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6, these pouches help organize your kid’s materials. For mommies out there, who likes quick and easy shopping like me, I personally recommend their Grab and Go Pack drawing set and writing set. These sets are perfect for you since it already has what you need for drawing and writing.  Grab and Go packs prices start at 145 pesos. This pack is very convenient for shoppers that hasn’t much time, as you can just select what set you need.
3.    Best Buy Items
Best Buy offers quality items that are budget friendly. If you’re a mom of more than one, like me, and you’re on a budget, I suggest that you get Best Buy items. They have pad papers, notebooks, pencils, erasers, glue, scissors, bond papers and many more. You will not only be able to save but you’ll also get good quality material. 

Addition to items that I was able to find at National Book Store is Pilot’s Buy 4 Get 1 Free Ball Pen, that has different colors of inks, this includes black, blue, red, green and violet, my favorite color! I also got them a Correction tape, so they can use it for any mistakes that they might make when writing, just like how we make mistakes in our lives, but of course we can always do something to make it right. Lastly, I included First Aid Kits in my shopping cart. Inside the kit, you will find a whistle, a flashlight and other emergency gears. This will be very useful in case something bad (knock on wood!) happens. I was only able to buy some of my kids’ school necessities since I do not have the complete list of what other materials they will need. Maybe we’ll just have to wait until their teachers ask for school essentials, besides, there are other ways to shop at National Book Store. If you need any help with what to buy for your back-to-school haul, you can check out my video posted on my Facebook page. This video is also featured by the National Book Store’s Facebook page.

If you’re a very busy mom and you seem to have limited time on your hands, National Book Store offers online shopping and shopping over the phone as well. You can shop anytime you can and still do all your chores or work. You can visit if you choose to shop online. You can also dial 8888-627, for Manila area, you can go over your back to school shopping with one of their customer service representatives. Shopping at National Book Store really is at the tip of your fingers!
It’s not a secret that not everyone has the privilege to afford school materials. National Book Store has a solution for that. They have campaigns that aims to help children nationwide, go to school with slippers on their feet and notebook and pencil for their lessons. We can contribute to this campaign by donating Project Aral Kits. One kit can help one student.

If you’re not yet done with your back to school shopping, or you have not yet started, National Book Store is launching a Grand Back to School Fair at the TriNoma Activity Center, from May 25 to 27, 2018, and from June 1 to 3, 2018 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Registration starts at 10 AM onwards. Admission is Free, so don’t miss this opportunity! You can get a free tote bag with every 1,000 Peso worth of purchases. A drawstring bag for 99 pesos for every 300 Peso worth of purchases, a lunch bag for 75 pesos with every 500 Peso worth of purchase of any participating items.
National Book Store does not only give us the joy of shopping for back to school essentials, with their wide range of selections, from school supplies to uniforms, shoes and bags, and quality items that will meet your budget, they also give back to those who are less fortunate. Not only that you gained quality items, but you were also a part of a greater cause! Kudos mommies!

For further information, you can visit National Book Store at their blog site: 

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  1. Ngayun taon di po ako masyado nakapamili sa NBS kasi po ung mga gamit ni kuya sa school na binibili. At super mahal 😭. Iba talaga ang NBS mura na at yung quality the best talaga.😉

  2. Thanks for this information Ms.Rochelle ..di pa ng aaral anak ko pero binibilhan ko na sya ng mga educational books and toys..

  3. Thanks for sharing. Naapreciate ko talaga ang grab and go packs . Unte nlng po kasi dagdag sa ganyan e😉


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