My Top 10 Wishlist

You already know my five must haves this summer so, let’s jump right into my top 10 wish list on Shopee. It’s always such a fun time to browse through this app and shop. But of course, everything must be done in moderation especially shopping! At least for now, these items shall remain in my wish list.

1   Camera Drone Helicopter Quadcopter
a.     I’ve always wanted a drone to get those superb aerial shots but it has never been a priority to me because of how expensive they are. I was shocked to stumble upon this item because it’s only priced at PHP1,999.00! That is so inexpensive compared to other more popular brands. But still, there’s just not enough reason for me to buy it yet. So, I’ll just keep on dreaming of having one of this.

2.)   Hello Kitty Mini Fridge
a.     I love anything Hello Kitty. I’d love to have this mini fridge and fill it with more Hello Kitty themed food products. Yes, I know. I’m obsessed.

3.)   Hello Kitty Car Mat
a.     To anyone who have seen my car, y’all know how this would fit right in. My car is full of Hello Kitty things and this would be a perfect addition to my growing collection.

4.)   Six Pack Care X-Bike Power Total Body Gym Station Machine
a.     I have a dream that one day, I’ll have abs! I’m pretty sure this could help. I mean to anyone out there who wants to help me achieve that toned belly. Buy me this, please!

5.)   Egg Waffle Maker Cake Pop Machine
a.     I just thought that this will add more fun to making waffles which are my sons favorite. It really looks easy to use and those waffles would surely look extra cool with those faces engraved to it!

6.)   Women Yoga Leggings
a.     I’ve been going more and more to the gym so, a pair of this would really be helpful to me. Plus, I love that there’s a pocket slot on the side for mobile phones! I think that’s a huge deal and what’s sets it apart from the other fitness pants out there.

7.)   4.3 LCD Dual Lens Rearview Mirror Dash Cam
a.     I must admit that I am not the most skillful driver out there. I need all the assistance I can get and this dual lens dash cam will surely make my life on the road easier.

8.)   WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
a.     You all know how I’ve been trying so hard to vlog lately and one of the major problems I have encountered so far is running out of memory! And this one, more than want is what I need! I’ll probably order this soon now that my Taiwan trip is approaching. I’ll definitely need to make space for that so I can make better content for you guys.

9.)   Silk Satin Pillow Cover Case
a.     I love the feel of satin on my skin. This will for sure help me sleep faster and better.

10.) Silk Satin Pajama Set
a.     Of course, I need a pajama set that matches my pillowcase. Like I said, the smoothness of satin on my skin is just a soothing feeling. I’d love to have this and take cute I-woke-up like-this selfies.

That’s it for my top 10 wish list on Shopee! I know that my birthday isn’t for another four months and Christmas is still a long shot but may I just remind you that I accept gifts 24/7 and 12 months a year! Anyway, be sure to try Shopee if you haven’t and follow them on all their social media outlets. It’s a very reliable app and won’t do you wrong. Also, please leave a comment on which I should work on getting first from this list. I’d really appreciate your thoughts and thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a good day and stay safe.

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  1. In my opinion, yung number 7 is a must-have especially jan sa Metro Manila na sobrang traffic at ang daming mga modus ang mga tao. ^_^


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