For Mother’s Day, make her feel like the perfect woman who looks good and feels great

There are so many Mother’s Day tributes out there but one stood out from the rest. The video talks about how unaware most moms are about how their children see them—brave, selfless, caring and responsible.

Moms are often hard on themselves; completely unaware that to their children, husbands and loved ones, they are perfect. A mother may describe the perfect woman as “loving and caring” when, in fact, that is she.

A mother’s love is selfless and her job never ends but she deserves a break. Moms need to pamper themselves and be pampered. Happy mothers who look good and feel great in turn make their loved ones feel great, too.

For Mother’s Day, make her feel like the perfect woman who looks good and feels great always. Here are some ideas:

  1. Give your mom a homemade gift card for a foot and hand massage. It should be redeemable forever. 
  2. Put together a special basket for mom filled with beauty and wellness goodies such as facemasks, massage oil, a bottle of multivitamins and nail polish. Basically, the basket should include items your mother will enjoy.
  3. Give her gift cards from her favorite store. If she loves beauty, then she will enjoy shopping at Watsons. If it’s fashion she’s into, she will surely love the wide selection at The SM Store.
  4. Write a letter or poem telling her why she is the best mom in the world and what makes her perfect.
  5. Serve her breakfast in bed. If you can’t cook, slice some fruits and serve it with toast and butter on a beautiful plate.
  6. Take her out for dinner and a movie. Take note of what her favorite restaurant is and what movies she likes to watch.

To learn more about the video, visit the Watsons Philippines Facebook page and watsonsph on Instagram.

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  1. Great ideas for Mother's Day. 💝 Thank you for sharing it to us. I did #4 before.No budget pang itreat si mother ang ginawa ko that time sumulat ako ng tula. An original poem about my hero,my supermom. Sobrang naiyak ang nanay ko nang nabasa niya.💝 Kahit simpleng bagay lang sobrang naaappreciate na ng nanay natin kaya saludo ako sa mga dakilang nanay! Happy Mother's Day!🌷

  2. Touching yung video ni Watsons.. Advance Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Rochelle.

  3. It's really touched my heart while watching the video the kids are so sweet how to defined their Moms and also the sweet advices from all of the Mom's in the world.Thanks po Miss Rochelle

  4. The goodies basket sounds nice <3

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  5. 4 and 5 madaling gawin. hehe! Thank you for these tips. ^_^

  6. Si mama ko- simple things makes her smile..
    She loves to eat. She most appreciated something to eat.. even if she’s diabetic - you cant stop her from eating sweets.
    This Mother’s day still not sure if she will be here in Manila, if Not..
    Ring away will make her Happy 😊
    Happy Mother’s Day Ms Rochelle

  7. I am not vocal when it comes to my feelings kaya I don't show too much emotions in front of my Nanay. But I have the #4. I made a letter for her but I am not brave enough to give it to her. Hehehehe. ❤

  8. Indeed, and i gave mom a hug and kisses this mother's day 😉

  9. In Mother's day, I give her DIY 52 cards "why you are wonderful mother" and had massage with her. I agree that mom should rest more, but now I realise that they prefer spent more time with their children.


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