Celebrate National Pineapple Day with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizzas!

The rainy season is a hard reminder that summer is officially over. Yet if you’re a real pineapple lover, you know that the tropical treat knows no season, and is best enjoyed all year round.

If you’re a bona fide #TeamPineapple member, then June 27 is a date to remember because it is the National Pineapple Day! What better way to celebrate this day than with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza?

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload: Loaded with sweet pineapples, smothered with premium cheeses, and topped with generous amount of bacon and ham providing that mouthwatering flavor blend that is best shared with the barkada.

Greenwich’s Hawaiian Overload pizza is made using the sweetest pineapples that’s sure to please every certified Hawaiian pizza fan. Aside from the sweet pineapples, it is also smothered with premium cheeses and topped with generous amount of bacon and ham providing that mouthwatering flavor blend.

Invite your friends over at home and call for Greenwich delivery or visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria and order Greenwich Hawaiian Overload para sa pinya-sarap na barkada experience! With overloaded toppings, there’s always more for the barkada in every mouthful. 

Celebrate National Pineapple Day and order a box of Greenwich Hawaiian Overload now. Just press # followed by 5-55-55.

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  1. I'm also a fan of pineapple and ito yung crave ko when I'm pregnant with my daughter. ^_^

  2. My alltime favorite pizza..Hawaiian pizza. 😋Believe it or not, kaya ko pong ubusin yan sa isang upuan. 😂
    di kasi sya nakakaumay kainin.😊


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