My Experience at Cebuana Lhuillier

We recently visited Taiwan to see the beauty it has to offer. We ate good food and explored the country. I then found out after, that my mom will be in the Philippines for a month with my Tatay Al. I wanted to surprise them with a trip to the Land of Harmony, Indonesia.

My cousin made a joke, “Kailangan natin bumale for Bali”. Since our recent Taiwan trip drained my bank account I have no choice but to try and get some money for our upcoming trip. I then saw an ad “Para sa mga bagay na higit sa pera”. I then headed to Cebuana Lhuiller to pawn my bracelet that was given to me since I was 19 by my mother.

The transaction went very smooth and never did I feel I was getting ripped off or scammed. Our trip to Bali was amazing and most importantly, my mother and Tatay Al had the best Mother’s Day and Father’s Day a daughter can give them this year. Beat that Kuya!

I had already claimed what I have pawned and again it was so easy but I would like to share to you my experience with Cebuana Lhuiller and my heirloom that paid for a lifetime of memories.

Why choose Cebuanna Lhuillier?

1. Pawning is easy with Cebuanna Lhuillier as they have more than 2,500 branches nationwide. 

2. Process is easier and shorter with dedicated lane for pawning. 

3. I had a peace of mind that my jewelry will be safe and secure. They ensure my items will never be tampered because it was sealed in a plastic pouch with my signature. Their vault where they keep the items are protected with a time lock mechanism. 

4. Cebuanna Lhuillier offers the highest appraisal rate (means biggest take home pay). Before I went to Cebuanna Lhuillier, I tried asking other pawnshop and appraised my bracelet and earrings less than what Cebuanna Lhuillier offered. 

5. There is no need to go back to the branch where the item was pawned to renew the loan with Cebuana Lhuillier's Renew Anywhere option. 

Cebuana Lhuillier accepts gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry and watches, as well as selected non-jewelry items such as cellphones and laptop computers.

Apart from pawning services, they have also expanded to include remittance, microfinance (insurance and loans), banking, and a rewards program.

Ready to pawn your items? Do you wish to know more about pawning? Visit the Cebuana Lhuillier branch nearest you—they will be glad to help you out!

For more information on how to pawn at Cebuanna Lhuillier, visit

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  1. Grabe tagal ng bracelet mo Ms Rochelle. If need naman talga sanla is my ony way too lalo wala pila sa pawning. Nung need operation ni eldest due to fractured bones sa elbow i had to pawn my necklace binigay pa ng asawa ko nung bf gf kami. Malaking bagay din may alahas para may magamit din just in case. Took us 2 pawning shop muna before kami nagCebuana and noong nakita naman mataas appraisal doon n kmi. Di rin mahirap magtubos every 3mos ata ako nghulog sa knila.

  2. Yes! Ms. Rochelle, super ganda mag pawn sa Cebuana, they also have Happy Loans 🙂 super dali lang mag apply for Loans. Just make sure you have a complete requirements. 🤗

  3. Dyan din ako ngpapadala ang mura pa ng transaction cost.

  4. Iba talaga kapag cebuana, trusted ko na yan sa pagpapadala ng pera. I haven't tried sanla but with this, and sayo na mismo galing na maganda ang service nila when it comes to sanlaan, well dito na rin ako pupunta

  5. Pati sa money remittance Cebuana kami ngpapadala kay Mama sa probinsya. We have 24k card na rin at sa mga naipon na points naredeem narin namin pwde sa cp load😊 Galing ni Cebuana.

  6. I have received a gold ring as a gift, and i dont know if it is pawnable or not, is it okay if i will go to cebuana for checking without my intention to pawn it with them?

  7. NakaExperience na din po kmi ng mama ko mag sangla ng alahas..hehehe Suki na nga po kmi ni Cebuana Ms.Rochelle.. ����

  8. Ako rin madam... Super Trusted ko si Cebuana.... Neto lang nagsanla ako para maibili ko ng books si ate Hanna ko for her school... Laking tulong talaga...

  9. Trusted pawnshop! :) Wala kang hassle. Even sa pagpapadala ng pera at pagpalit ng pera from dollar to peso

  10. Pagdating talaga sa sanlaan Cebuana for me ang number 1. Yung singsing na sinanla namin, mag 5 years na. Nirerenew lang namin yung contract pag nag due na sya. Minsan nga nakakalimutan na namin, buti nalang nag a-update sila bout the pawned.Okay yung services nila, kasi sa kanila din ako nagbabayad ng bills namin.Never pa ako nagkapenalty kahit na last day to pay na ko nagbabayad. Unlike sa iba na naexperienced ko,na offline pala yun system pero tinatanggap parin nila ang payment. Di ko alam nakapenalty na pala ako.


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