STI: The education that we have always wanted for our children

As mommies, we always want the best for our children. No one can shake that from us. Their future matters to us so much.

We want our children to grow happy and healthy. Of course, we also want to ensure that they are getting the best education there is.

One of our best concerns is where we can see them grow, and their journey as they get ready for their future.

Mommies, I sincerely believe that STI can offer that.

Throughout so many years, STI have been building an extensive network of schools across the country. All their campuses are equipped with an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) - enabled education system.

They have this very sophisticated and elegant yet standardized curriculum in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Business Management, Engineering, Healthcare, and even Hospitality and Tourism Management.

STI's curriculum equips all its students with the background and skills in information and communications technologies. This is very important because all the businesses and workplaces where students will do their jobs in the future--all of these will operate using digital information and communications systems.

Graduates of STI are future-ready and job-ready. That’s because STI’s curriculum is designed to fit the requirements of all companies that graduates will work for, eventually. All skills that STI students learn and acquire are useful in all types of corporate settings and workplaces, even in healthcare and tourism.

As for STI graduates in ICT, they have enough knowledge in computer systems and data communication networks, and are equipped with specialized skills in software design, systems development, and multimedia systems — all core competencies desired by top companies around the world.

As mommies, we want to be sure that as we invest in our child’s education, their school will equip them the tools and skills necessary to keep up in today’s competitive workplace. I believe STI can do just that.

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  1. Agree marami narin students ng STI dahil they ate growing better and better lalo pagdating sa tech. STi din choice ko nun nung naka pasa ako sa province nun kaso di na pursue at di namn full scholarship.

  2. yes, totoo nman po mataas standard nila sa education & magiging active ka rin mga curricular nila. :-)

  3. Our children's future is our top priority! ^_^

  4. Ang pamangkin ko sa STI nag graduate,sa ngayon may permanent job na sya.Masasabi ko na isa sya sa best school kung na pwede kang mag enroll dahil mataas din yung standard nila.


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