Trip to Bali Day 1

Watch how I found love in my first day in Bali ❤

Welcome drinks at Villa Este

Excited for lunch at Warung Sunset

Lunch at Warung Sunset

First lunch in Bali 

Welcome drink at Coffee Plantation 

Kopi Luwak 

Monkey Forest

Trying to get close with the monkey. 

Monkey Family 

Swinging all my problems away!

Bali Swing

Bali Bird's Nest 

Stay tuned for Bali Day 2 and my part two vlog. 

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  1. grabe madam, halatang enjoy na enjoy kayo.. goodluck ulit sa next gala nyo. ingat always

  2. I love the pics Ms Rochelle ganda ng mga kuha mo at ang happiness na share mo to us sa bawat kwento ng pics. Thanks much for sharing☺

  3. Such an awesome experience. The view and place is amazing! Hope maka-visit din kami ng family ko jan. ^_^

  4. Sarap siguro sa feeling ang makapunta dyan.😊
    Kasi mukhang peaceful yung place tapos parang ang dami rin mapupuntahan.😍

  5. Wow lahat talaga na pinupuntahan mo mam Rochelle nakakainggit Kasi andito lang kami SA Bahay nakakulong. Kasama Ang mga Anak ko. Super enjoy na enjoy PO talaga kayo mam Rochelle ingat Po palagi.


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