#MyStarKidAdventure at Star Margarine’s Dino Story Book!

It’s now common for kids, toddlers even, to be using their own or their parent’s gadgets. And it’s frustrating for us mommies, if every morning we must share their attention with those gadgets, especially during breakfast. My boys are crazy over those gizmos like there’s no tomorrow! I keep on telling them to lay off with the gadgets and try to socialize more, like me! Haha! They are my world and I want them to enjoy childhood with a lot of interactions and not just a whole day of sticking their nose into their phones with some, I don’t know, nonsense things. 

Having three boys and their habit of gadget-staring competitions, I’m having a hard time thinking if my “future baby” (wishing for a girl!) will be just like his/her Kuyas (older brothers). I might see that cute face stuck looking at the screen all day, and I know we can’t help it if he/she will love gadgets too. Given that I am planning to have another baby, it’s a huge relief that Star Margarine launched a website that is educational and kid friendly, Star Margarine’s Dino Story Book. 

Let me give you a run down on how the website can help:

1.    Educational
The website has activities that will help the kids learn how to take care of their health by eating good foods. It also has stories that will help the kids enhance their reading, listening and comprehension skills

2.    Kid Friendly Website
It has graphics and images suited for kids. The colors of the site are very attractive and catches the attention of the kids. This way, we can all rest assure that the things they see online are safe for them.
3.    Very Easy to Navigate
The website has an interface that is very easy to navigate, even for toddlers. They can easily go through the website and create and arrange their own activities.

4.    Catchy 
Aside from the bright colors that attract the eyes of the kids, the website also has fun music and cheerful music that kids can dance to. They’ll surely enjoy this website with that combination.

5.    Great Bonding Time
Kids grow up fast and it will be easier for us to share every moment with them, with every activity they do, especially when it comes to learning, this will ensure us that our kids are growing up guided by an environment that will help them in the future.

This website will surely be a big help to all the mommies and future moms, in the growth of their children, not only because of the educational learning the site has, it will also help on the kid's overall personality. Plus, kids will surely love being the main character of their own story. 

To get to the Star Margarine Dino Story Book, you can simply visit www.starmargarine.com for fun and exciting activities. You can also visit https://starmargarine.com/ or like the official Star Margarine Facebook page for further info. You may also use the #MyStarKidAdventure on social media.

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  1. Nice website sure po na big help po tlga it sa mga mommies na tulad q dhil mga anak q din po mhilig sa mga gadgets..atleast po ito educational at cgrdong mgeenjoy ang mga bata..

  2. Salamat sa pag isa isa Ms Rochelle ang cute pala nito kahit ako maexcite ehšŸ˜…
    Aprub sakin lahat esp kid friendly, educational and great bonding time❤


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