Have Germ Free Rainy Days with Biogenic Alcohol

The rainy season is here, but it does not stop me from all my daily routines and activities. I always assure myself that even when it’s pouring outside, I will still be able to attend to all the things I need to do, like taking care of my sons, ensuring that my husband gets the love and caring he needs, attending all the scheduled appointments I have, and of course, planning my upcoming birthday party.
These activities combined with the rainy days could be overwhelming and stressful, these could then lead to low immune system that viruses, bacteria and germs tend to attack, especially when they are on the hunt for such victims during rainy seasons. Such ailments like the common cold, the flu, some infectious germs and viruses are lurking around every individual without one noticing it. This is because during rainy days, torrential rain causes high humidity, making indirect transport of bacteria and germs easier. 
It’s a good thing that we can trust Biogenic Alcohol to help us fight off these germs. They even sent me and my family an amazing care package that will help us avoid these germs and get through the rainy season safe and sound.
To further help you keep your family safe, here are some few tips on how you can ensure your family’s safety and health will not be at risk these rainy days:
1.     Make sure that you always have your umbrella/raincoat with you!
An umbrella is just one of the things that can protect us form the rain, may it be moderate to heavy rain, an umbrella will be our best friend to avoid getting soaked from the rain.
2.    Always take a bath even when it’s cold!
Good hygiene is the best way we can prevent getting in contact with germs. It may be cold to get in the bath, but it’s worth it if your health is on the line.
3.    Never forget to wash your hands! 
Always, always wash your hands with soap and water, after you touch or share something with someone, and even after you go to the restroom. It’s not too much to spend a few minutes to get those filthy germs off you, right?
4.    Be ready for possible floods in your area and get your boots on!
Boots will also be your best friend in this kind of season, this will keep your feet dry even in flood. We all know that flood carries a lot of bacteria and germs that can affect our health. If the floods higher than expected, just avoid going out of the house, it’s safer that way.
5.    Take extra safety measures in public bathrooms! And for extra protection, use Biogenic Alcohol when sanitizing afterwards.
Public restrooms are one of the areas that you will want to be extra careful of. They may be clean, but our naked eyes cannot see the germs and the bacteria lurking around. So to be sure that no germs will come your way, use Biogenic Alcohol for hand-sanitation. 
6.    Strengthen Your Immune System!
Take in vitamins daily, our body needs enough vitamins to help fight the bacteria and germs that can get into our system. Not only does vitamins help us boost our immune system and keep us healthy inside, it also makes us look good on the outside.
7.    Bring sanitizer or alcohol with you anytime and anywhere!
Lastly, always make sure that you have an alcohol or a sanitizer that will keep the germs away, especially when there’s no way for use to wash our hands with soap and water. You can also use these to sanitize surfaces or areas that you need to touch or to get in contact with. May it be at home, in the car, during an event, and other occasions.
Those are just some of the things that can help us protect our family this wet season, always remember that germs are everywhere, it’s better to be prepared wherever you are, always use Biogenic Alcohol to sanitize and disinfect to keep those germs away.
According to an article on the website of Forbes Magazine, the following are the 10 worst germ hot spots that people aren’t aware of: Cell Phones, Gas Pumps, Restaurant Menus, Fruit Wedges (ex. Lemon and Lime), Condiment Dispensers, Restroom Door Handles, Grocery Carts, Airplanes, Free Food, and. Escalators. Aside from the mentioned hot spots, other places where germs are breeding, are your very own work desk, computers and laptops, your kid’s school materials, and even your make-up kit. 

Isopropyl alcohol variant
750 ml (P190) Pump Bottle
50 ml (P28) and 330(P77) ml Spray
75 ml (P16.75), 150 ml (P27.25), 250 ml (P38.50), 500 ml () and 1000 ml (P120) Bottle
Ethyl alcohol variant
50 ml (P28) and 330(P77) ml Spray
75 ml (P15.50), 150 ml (P24.25), 250 ml (P34.25), 500 ml (P60.50) and 1000 ml (P115) Bottle

If I were you, I won’t go with the saying, “It’s better late than never!” I will act now, clean and disinfect so that I free myself some trouble later on. I wouldn’t want to wait for something bad to happen. Rainy days are supposed to be fun because it’s the season where you cozy up with your family and watch a movie or two. And that wouldn’t be possible if a family member is sick. Let’s be all be cautious together with Biogenic Alcohol!

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  1. Wow 😍😍 with this biogenic alcohol we are germ free all day, favorite family alcohol din po namin ito miss rochelle, super effective in killing germs plus ang bango bango pa

  2. Check lahat! 😊 dito samin laging nabaha. Yung ethyl alcohol gamit namin now. 💚 nalokah akonsa bukasan nun hehe. Push up and down lang pla. Nilipat ko nlang sa spray bottle. 😊

  3. Ang effort nung pa-box nila. Pwede gawin lalagyan ng damit or letters. Ang bango nito!

  4. Ito din gamit namin madam..hndi matapang amoy and germ free all day


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