Take a Step Closer to Saving Mother Earth: Be a Juan Earth Hero!

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It is a tropical country comprising more than seven thousand (7,000) islands. The landscapes and coastlines of the nation is known to hold some of the richest terrestrial, coastal and marine environments. 

Also, the Philippines is one of the world’s 17 mega-biodiverse countries. It means that it is home to a large variety of species of plants and animals that can only be found within Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Aside from this, more than 100 million Filipinos residing in the country relies on the natural resources that the environment provides, such as food, freshwater, livelihood and climate resilience.

Throughout the century, the Philippines didn’t just stay in the past and blocked the world from helping the country develop. It found a way to cope with the continuous change that was blindly inevitable. People now have technology to thank for a lot of things. The way of life is made easier through what they call technological breakthrough. Sadly, this modernization was also the key to the destruction of the environment. 

The Philippines is known for its mind-blowing wonders of nature, nonetheless, it is also the world’s largest contributor to ocean plastic and tops second and third highest death rate in Asia due to indoor and outdoor air pollution, respectively. A disgrace to mother nature is what I call it! And do you know what causes such pollution? The top suspects for such heinous crime are Plastics, Carbon Monoxide, the Sewage, and of course, HUMANS! We are the guiltiest ones here and I blame humanity for what’s happening to the environment, including myself.

The continuous destruction of mother nature doesn’t just affect a single soul. It is a chain reaction and almost everyone can feel devastation when the environment hits back. About 900,000 families are displaced by destructive typhoons, 640 species are now endangered, and about 30 dogs died from heat stroke and dehydration during a Dog Show in Marikina. It’s a depressing sight not only for me but from everyone I assume.

In line with the environmental issue above, Write On Track (WOT) is celebrating their 5-year Anniversary through “Juan Earth” that will be held at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center, Taguig this coming September 29. It’s quoted, “Earth Preservation and Protection, Juan Step at a Time.” A part of this is looking at the dramatic change in the Philippine environment, such as deteriorated forests, polluted seas, and dirty/smog-filled air. And what comes next after determining the problem? Solution! Solution comes next! The event starts from 10:30 A.M. to 8 o’clock in the evening. Booths can be found around the area and some of the event highlights are NGO talks, in-between performances, mini concert, and four adopt-to-help programs. 
1.   Adopt-a-Seedling
In support to Haribon Foundation’s nationwide movement called ROAD to 2020, which aims to restore 1 million hectares of forests in the Philippine by 2020, Juan Earth will have an Adopt-A-Seedling program wherein volunteers can adopt a seedling up to a forest with a corresponding price.

2.  Adopt Bruno and Katy (Dogs and Cats)
During the event, attendees and volunteers can save abandoned and rescued dogs and cats through adopting and fostering them. Partnering with CARA Welfare Philippines, JuanEarth will have an Adopt Bruno and Katy program to help find homes for our furry friends.

3.  Adopt-a-Pawikan Nest
In cooperation with the SIFCARE-CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions), Juan Earth will be having its Adopt A Pawikan Nest wherein volunteers get to adopt a turtle nest for a certain price and get to release back to sea its baby turtles.

4.  Adopt-a-Giant Clam
By adopting a baby giant clam, you’ll support the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute to raise clams which are vital to our coral reefs. The adopted clams will be released at the Silaqui Ocean Nursery, the largest population of giant clams in the Philippines.

What are the Pinoy Duties that you can also do in preserving the environment?
You can help preserve the environment using these 5 easy Pinoy Duties: 
Carry your own mug, straw, and spoon and fork everywhere.
Who wants to be a lifetime member of the contributors of about 6,237,653 kg of plastic waste per day in the Philippines? I know that nobody’s interested! So, to avoid the use of plastic, let’s promote and take advantage of reusable bags (eco-bags), personal mugs and utensils. This will lessen the demand on plastic use, making small impact on its required production. Let’s start within ourselves until it makes a widespread global advocacy! We shout for straw-less drinks! We stand for our environment!

Be eco-friendly beautiful.
In our everyday lives, rooting from centuries back, beauty essentials have always been our partners in crime. Nowadays, we have an option that can benefit both parties, the end user and the environment. Makeup, lotion, perfume and the likes can be bought with ingredients in it that are all natural and organic. So, the next time you buy your lipstick or ‘kilay’ (eyebrow) kit, think hard if you want to put loads of harmful chemicals on your beautiful face or choose where you can be confident applying such products that aren’t only skin-friendly but eco-friendly as well.

Bring out your DIY skills and get crafty.
Being a do-it-yourself guru is one thing that a person can be proud of! It’s one method of recycling and bringing out the artist the lives inside of you. Also, it a cool way of being thrifty. Be creative, lessen your thrash and spend less along the way!

Think twice before buying or using animal products.
If you’re a fan of animal souvenirs or items made from animal parts, you should sit down and think of all the sad little faces they’d make when they are poached for their skin just to make you your luxurious fur coat or just imagine that these (endangered) animals are killed in large numbers for such commercial use. Also, that this may result to their very extinction! Now, I ask you, are you ready to put the blood of these innocent animals in your hands just to be fabulous? Be smart and don’t be selfish!

Take Juan step to make an advocacy.
NGOs initiate projects such as the adopt-to-help program and being involve in preserving the environment and protecting animals is a step closer to reviving the beauty that once bloomed here in our country. We give back to mother nature by being Juan Earth Heroesbecause not all heroes fly, some plant seeds! 
Let these words guide us into a cleaner and greener future! “One step at a time. One simple act can make an impact. Protecting the earth is changing the WORLD and it starts with every JUAN!” 
Are you ready to take that Juan step? Visit Juan Earth’s website at http://www.juanearth.com; LIKE its Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/JuanEarthPH; or check their updates on Instagram at www.instagram.com/juanearthph

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  1. Let's spread green campaign every JUAN, create a new things, recycled and reusable are first thing to do, thank you for this miss rochelle. I enjoyed reading 😍😍
    Fb:Jhane Posadas

  2. This is a great step to help save Mother Earth.


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