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After one person finishes schooling, it’s up to that individual if he or she will continue developing his or her knowledge. One may pursue a life with nonstop learning or the other way around, choose a steady life and keep their facts stagnant and forever into a halt. When you choose the latter after graduation, your brain cells start to deteriorate, affecting your mental focus and your memory retention. 

During my days as a school girl, I always end up cramming for paper works and exams. Like, there aren’t always enough time for everything! Cram here! Cram there! Back then, it was an endless loop of coping, studying and cramming. With limited time on my hands for examination reviews, I make it sure that I take enough vitamins, vegetables and lots and lots of nuts so that my memory retention can be effective at a time of desperate need.  Now that I’m done with my schooling and also aging faster than expected, my mind has slowed down from developing. Making it harder for me to make critical decisions, to retain important reminders, and to stay in good shape. Good thing, we have innovative and life-changing technologies around us that can definitely help us in improving our well-being. We can be healthy through proper diet and monitor our body conditions using newly discovered machineries. With the help of modernization, it’s no longer hard for us to reach a lot of milestones in our entire lifetime, we may even get the chance to spend a significant amount of time with our loved ones.                   

Let me share to you what I do most of the time. You see, blogging is not as easy as you think, especially when you’re a mom. Products and endorsements are flowing like viscous water. They arrive so fast and all at once! As in “sabay-sabay”! And making one article as interesting as possible can drain your mind like crazy! You ran out of words, you are lost when it comes to imagination, you experience fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep, and lastly, your mental performance tends to slow down and fail you for some time.

Earlier this month, I was so occupied. I had my Disney birthday party and I still need to perform my duties as a mother of three. Those things together became factors on why I was so stressed. I couldn’t focus, and I couldn’t think straight. I knew I had to do something! Good thing, I was introduced to this new dietary pill that helps enhance mental performance. This is where Spike Dietary Supplement comes in!
Photo by R0ckstarm0mma

Spike Dietary Supplement is known for its positive improvements on mental health without worrying about any side effects. It was also scientifically proven that the supplement enhances the overall mental capability and improves perceptive performance when under stressful situations. Another thing good that I like about this pill is that it was manufactured by Vida Nutriscience Inc. An establishment that I trust because the workers of this company wholeheartedly pour their efforts and care in making their products. They also happen to be the same company that created Snow Caps L-GlutathioneMy Slim Yerba Mate Drinks and Capsule, and Snow Crystal White Tomato Food Supplement.

Main Ingredients of Spike Dietary Supplement:
1.     400mg Nueravena®EFLA 955+– this is a brain booster, memory enhancer and for cognitive functions.
2.     100mg Magnesium Lactate– this regulates the levels of minerals and other important nutrients in the body.
3.     ALPHASIZE 50 WSP (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline)– this is the most effective brain nutrients.
4.     Bioperine (Piper Nigrum L)– this improves nutrient absorption.
5.     B-Vitamins (Vitamin B3, B6, B9 & B12) – this is crucial for proper brain functions

Four Key Benefits of Spike Dietary Supplement:
1.     Improves general learning performance.
2.     Increases memory functions and mental fitness
3.     Enhances concentration, mental alertness & cognitive functions under pressure
4.     Improves speed of performance, working memory, episodic memory & execution functions
Precautions, Proper Use and Right amount of Intake of Spike Dietary Supplement:
1.    Take one (1) capsule daily after every meal.
2.    Two (2) capsules can be taken on days that require mental alertness and cognitive function activities such as exams, presentations, stressful activities that needs concentration & the like).
3.    Take one (1) hour before exams or presentations to experience a full effect timeline of 4 to 6 hours.
4.     Avoid intake if:

- Pregnant or if a Lactating Mother

- Not an adult
5.    Strictly recommended for adults only.
6.    Store for a specified amount of time. (2 Years Shelf Life)

Photo by R0ckstarm0mma

I’m personally taking in Spike Dietary Supplement and I’ve been taking it for almost two weeks now. I take one capsule a day after my morning routine and I must say that it’s living up to its brand. I feel a significant amount of mental boost. I don’t feel super stressed out like before, I can focus, and I also have a sense of clarity on my daily tasks. Spike Dietary Supplement is a big help for me and I recommend that you try it to see the good results that the pill brings.
If interested, you can get Spike Dietary Supplement at any Mercury Drug Branch near you.

A box of 30 capsules costs Php990 or Php33 per capsule. To know more about Spike Dietary Supplement, you can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram account @spikebrainbooster.

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  1. Maybe ok din sya sa "Kalimot factor" haha minsan di natin maiwasan yun ganun... sa sobrang daming ginagawa, stress halo halo na kaya may mga bagay na minsan nalilimutan na stock yun mind natin hehe! Iba pa rin ang may vitamins for mind :)

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  2. Wow sobrang ganda po nito mam rochelle bagay po ito sa mama ko kasi minsan lagi syang bugnutin lagi mainit ang ulo.Sana matry po ito ng mama ko Para marelax po ang utak nya at makapagisip ng tama at maging healthy pa. Mahal sya pero effective naman...

  3. Oo nga Ms Rochelle need mo din yan ang hirap pala ng blogger sa dami ng need i blog at mga puntahan. Me naman sa tagal ng panahon malilimutan nako haha

  4. We should never stop learning and this could be a good help for us.


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