Be prepared for all of life's #NexAdventure

In this day in time, we often let our kids enjoy playtime by letting them adore watching various television shows around our phones or often dance to rhythmic music like baby shark and the famous nursery rhymes. Lesser interaction with kids around their age has been established since the advancement of technology. However, I still believe that in order for our child to grow fully and develop most, we still need them to expose to the traditional ways of growing up. This would mean interacting with children around their age, building friendship around the streets and playing our usual patintero and tumbang preso games we grew up playing. It’s still the most conventional way to teach them life lessons and make them appreciate values and moments together with their playmates. 

Now as a mom, the only thing I have to monitor about my child is the way they play. Exposure outside would mean their safety will be at bay because it’s an open environment. They can stumble upon while running around or their playmates might even push them accidentally since they’re all enjoying. But that’s all part of childhood, we learn from every challenges and downfalls so I guess I cannot really limit my child to do these things. 

The only thing I can guarantee is that I will always come prepared to assist them when these things happen. I have no worries because I have Nexcare with me. My trusted partner in keeping my children safe when something happens to them. I don’t have to worry about injuries because I know Nexcare has a variety of options I can use to treat my children and keep myself worry-free in keeping them bacteria-free and still comfortable. 

With Nexcare essentials with me, my children can do what whatever they like allowing them to be the young child they had to be to understand life little by little.  Make fun memories with Nexcare, safeguarding them and giving them the best protection there is against minor cuts and scrapes they might incur along the way. 

As a parent, I share the same visions with Nexcare in taking care of my children. For that, I will always trust Nexcare for my children’s #NexAdventures. #ReadyForTheNexAdventure

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  1. Nexcare talaga ang trusted partner nating mga mommies na siguradong maaalagaan ang mga skin nila.Goodbye worries😊
    Fb:Jhen Segovia Pangilinan
    Yt: Jhen Pangilinan


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