Valentine's Extra Special with Sizzling Sarsaya Seafood

I think one of the greatest fulfillments that I’ll ever have is by being a mom and a wife. With the very idea, I wake up everyday feeling of having a more purpose on life and excited that I could still give them unending gratitude and unconditional love. For that, I am grateful and mostly opportune to prepare special things for them in my own ways, and in the most frequent of times no matter how small or big a celebration is. Even just on a normal day, that would be a great opportunity to make them feel my love and make them happy.

I will never see myself growing older with anyone other than him and our children. Went through all the troubles here and there with only one man to which I’ll dedicate my whole life for. He will forever be my Valentine and I will never stop surprising him through my small acts. 

I prepared dinner for  the whole family because I personally believe that this is the most personal someone could ever get; when he or she prepares a meal for you. A wonderful date at home that didn’t cost much, but has touched my whole family. I prepared Sizzling Sarsaya Seafood which is my family’s go-to recipe in times of celebrations. Made with the one and only secret ingredient, my most favorite oyster sauce poured with dedication and a mother’s love. 

Check out the recipe below and share with your family and loved ones, the dish I made with love and Sarsaya Oyster Sauce.

red bell pepper
green bell pepper
red onion
white onion
spring onion 
Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster Sauce 

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  1. Family is life. Sarap kasama ang mga kids and na kikita na nagsisilakihan na sila. Syempre masaya pag nadadagdagan.. Hehe.. Momsh,,, super dooper tangkad pla ng hubby mo.. Bgay Kyo together.


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