The human body is composed of different cells and molecules. It’s amazing how our body actually works and go one on one with all its components to be able to progress and keep going everyday. Did you know that our body has protein activators which are called enzymes, that serves as the catalyst that regulates the rate of chemical reactions in our body? Well to put it simply, enzymes allow the cells to carry out chemical reactions very quickly. The reaction allows the cell to either build things or take things apart, which allows the cells to grow and reproduce. 

Our body needs enzymes as we continue our day to day life. Your body produces a significant amount of enzymes but you can also get enzymes from the food that you eat, nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables. They also come in supplements and drink that you can consume for you to feast on if you lack on enzymes. 

Now aside from the Water Purifier System and essential oils featured by Legánde, they also offer health products which are beneficial in living healthy. One of their products is Life Enzyme Fruits and Vegetable Enzyme + Probiotics. Life Enzyme Fruits and Vegetable Enzyme + Probiotics is made from over 100 fruits which guarantees great nutrients and vitamins that are in a form of supplement. It contains a blend of 6 digestive enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase, bromelain, papain, and phytase), probiotics, vitamins and minerals making it a complete day to day need for our body to maintain good health. It’s great in aiding our whole-body function, able to boost our immunity system, restore and enhance our body’s vitality, and reduce the stress-inducing factors that we take on everyday due to environmental causes or poor lifestyle choices. It also burns stored and unwanted fat while flushing out unnecessary toxins that harm our body.

It can be taken once a day on an empty stomach, or together with a meal to aid in digestion. It can be diluted in the water and have as a normal drink or you can take it straight as a powder mixture. But make sure not to mix it with hot water. 

Life Enzyme Fruits and Vegetable Enzyme + Probiotics is one of the very few supplements that I take to aid in health, digestion, and restoration of my whole well-being after trying out any products in the market. I noticed that after taking the supplement for quite some-time, it helped alleviate my stress levels and has decreased bloating of my face and body. It also has a great fruity taste and fragrance compared to the other supplements that I’ve tried so it’s an additional plus for me. It worked wonders for me so I must say it really is a great combination of enzymes and probiotics that aids in keeping my body healthy and strong. 

Try it now and experience a life-changing decision by taking, Life Enzyme Fruits and Vegetable Enzyme + Probiotics.

For more information about  Legánde products, visit their website at and check out their social media sites on facebook and instagram. You may also visit their first store at 406 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas Center, Barangay San Antonio Pasig 1605 or contact them at 8635 – 6566 to 68.

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