Keep Your Babies' Bottoms Clean And Happy All Day With #TODDLIEBABYDIAPERS

 I make sure to only give my baby the best. I make sure to give her what's comfortable for her to wear, no matter on what intensity it may be. With diapers, our babies need gentle and ultra-absorbent, hypoallergenic, dye-free, chlorine-free and fragrance free diapers because it might take a toll on our babies if we let them use unsafe diapers, which may cause rashes and redness. This will only cite discomfort to our children and we don't want them to feel uncomfortable.

Lo and behold, I found a good diaper that will support my baby on her whole journey. Toddliebaby diaper is now a go-to diaper for me because it is very soft; a premium diaper which is really cost friendly and sulit because you don't have to change diapers that often.

Since My Baby Eliana is still on 4 months and has a very sensitive skin, I've incorporated Toddliebaby diaper with her everyday usage because I know and it's guaranteed that this diaper will take care of her until she outruns them in the future. Very soft and is free from toxic materials, this is a safe choice in giving to your children too because it will not cause them any harm. 
Wetness indicator that shows when it's time for a diaper change.
As you can see yellow turned to blue. 

A Toddliebaby diaper has color indicators, which will give you a hint when you already need to change, diapers. It also has anti-leak guard protection that prevents leakage and breathable liner. Hassle free for us mommies and for the babies too! 

My most favorite feature of this diaper is that it has feathery soft cotton and thin yet absorbent so it is best for babies with sensitive skin. 

 Safe to say that Baby Eliana will be running free and exploring free without the fear of rashes or anything caused by wetness or dirty diapers. I love that it is Eco-friendly and free from Chlorine bleaching, fragrances, dyes with Japan’s ultra-absorption technology. 

Toddliebaby diapers are guaranteed to make your baby feel comfort while securing Mommies that your baby has the ultimate protection when it comes to diapers. Try them now and see why we're talking about it!

Toddliebaby is available on Lazada, Shopee, and their official website

For more details, updates on Toddliebaby, follow their social media accounts: 

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  1. I'm gonna try this for my baby. Hoping na mahanap ko hihiyang sa sensitive skin nya. Thanks Mommy Michelle

  2. Wow gusto ko to itry mommy rochelle para sa baby ko.
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    Yt: Jhen Pangilinan


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