Safe Contact Lens Wear in the time of COVID-19

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This pandemic is rampant and has been causing quite a decline and scare to everyone, may it be in the economy or in the mental and physical health of each of us. Based from scholarly articles published by researchers and experts, the transmission of COVID-19 virus is through entering our systems by spewing tiny droplets of the virus through our eyes, nose, mouth or anything that may be inserted through our body. Proper handwashing and sanitation are the best way to fight of the virus at the moment, together with using protective gears to fully cover your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

That being said, most people who wear contact lenses are terrified that they may contract the virus more compared to those who wear eyeglasses. But of course, wearing eyeglasses would not actually keep you safe from COVID-19 itself. You would still be able to contract the virus with or without your contact lenses, especially if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

For regular eyeglass users, it’s a challenge to wear PPEs because it irritates the whole eye area when worn with the eye covers. One best solution to avoid irritation is to substitute wearing contact lenses. Just so you could comfortably wear your eye shields, it’s best to resort to contact lens and make sure to not add up to the burden of wearing the PPEs pushing your glasses. 

Get to know the several kinds of contact lenses and assess whether what type would best suit you well.

💖Monthly Contact Lenses: 

Lasting Performance Seekers want a lens that can keep up with their highly active lives. They’re ambitious, goal-oriented people who have lots of long, busy days.

Functional Need:

“I need a lens that provides clear, crisp vision from the first to last hour of wear.”

Emotional Need:“I need lenses that won’t slow me down.”

💖Daily Contact Lenses: Alcon Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus- They’re disposable after using for the day so you would have to throw them after an entire day. You won’t even need to buy contact lens solution and you would not feel anything while wearing them. Extremely comfortable. 

If you are looking for Ultimate Care,  have already experienced issues with contact lens comfort or dry, sensitive eyes. They are willing to pay more for additional benefits.

Functional Need:
“I want to feel like I have nothing in my eyes.”

Emotional Need:

“I feel great in knowing I have the best.”

Freshlook One-Day Color
P995 (Plano)*
P1095 (Rx)*
A daily disposable coloured contact lens that provides a subtle yet complete eye colour change.

Freshlook Colorblends
P1,195 (Plano)*
P1,295 (Rx)*

Monthly disposable hydrogel colour contact lenses featuring 3-in-1 colour technology for stunning, natural eye colour. 

Air Optix Colors
P1,495 (Plano)*
P1,595 (Rx)*

Monthly disposable silicone hydrogel contact lenses that offer beauty and comfort with 12 different colour options. 

💖Colored Contact Lenses: Freshlook One-Day ColorFreshlook Colorblends, and Air Optix Colors,- This type or contact lens are for those who are a bit quirky and experimental with their eye colors. You can choose from a variety of hue and enjoy the wonders of having different eye colors. They come in daily and monthly kinds too!

If you are looking for Expressive Beauty want a natural-looking enhancement for their eyes. Their beauty routine 
is not complete without vibrant, fresh-looking eyes.

Functional Need:

“I want a lens that enhances my natural beauty.” 

Emotional Need:

“I’m confident when I feel like the best version of myself.”

Choose the contact lens that is right for your lifestyle and comfort. I actually use contact lens most of the time because I’m afraid Baby Eliana will pull my glasses off and might cause accidents. It’s better to invest in something that guarantees comfort and safety as for me. Make sure to find what’s best for you and rock on those clear or colored contact lenses. 

Always take care of yourself and your contact lenses by using contact lens care systems & solutions. 

Hydrogen peroxide-based systems for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing contact lenses should be effective against the virus that cause COVID-19. 

AO Sept

Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solutions REMOVES LIPIDS and PROTEINS can be used for REUSABLE LENSES.

AOSEPT Plus with HydraGlyde lens care solution features the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, as well as added strength of hydrogen peroxide. 

Triple Action Cleaning 
  • Deeply cleans lenses 
  • Carries away deposits and debris
  • Lifts away protein
*Suitable for all types of contact lenses. 

SYSTANE ULTRA Lubricant Eye Drops

Technology and gadgets are now indispensable in our daily lives but extended use of digital gadgets triggering factors of dry eye. Don't forget to take a break and use Systane to relieve your eyes from getting dry. 

What makes SYSTANE ULTRA great: 
  • Instant relief and extended protection 
  • Helps your eyes feel lubricated and refreshed
  • High-performance dry eye symptom relief

You can order online at

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