UNIQLO Loungewear Collection

It's been three months since we started practicing social distancing and we know that staying at home is very important. As we stay at home, loungewear has become a bigger part of our day to day wear, and a stylish, yet comfy loungewear is a must-have. UNIQLO helps you keep maximum comfort at home with its Loungewear Collection, a range of sets and pants made with soft and airy fabrics.

Combining soft materials with easy silhouettes, the UNIQLO Loungewear Collection features versatile pieces made to help you stay relaxed at home. From draped pants you can pair with separates, to sets you can mix and match, these delicate designs, in both solid colors and elegant print patterns, are airy and breathable, offering unlimited comfort all day long. 

Cotton Relax Ankle Pants
A relaxed and slightly tapered silhouette not just for lounging in your room, but also for wearing around the house, or even while running a quick errand, the Cotton Relax Ankle Pants are made with 100% cotton for a firm, comfortable feel. 
Drape Jogger Pants
Relaxed-cut pants with superior design, the Drape Jogger Pants are made with 100% rayon material that is very soft and light for an elegantly fluid fit. Elastic cuffs give them a clean look while keeping the comfort of loungewear. It’s the ultimate silhouette that offers comfort and style. 
Drape Straight Pants
Pants that feel fresh when worn, with a comfortable texture and silhouette, a pair of Drape Straight Pants is perfect for staying at home. The pants are made with rayon material that is very lightweight and smooth, and has a nice drape, allowing you to relax completely.

Relaco Shorts
Made with extremely light and supple 100% rayon with an elegant drape, the updated Relaco Shorts are wider and longer, for a high-quality, relaxed look. 

Pointelle Sets
With a fluffy and soft pointelle material for the top, and a draped cotton rayon material for the bottom, the Pointelle Sets’ contrasting textures let you enjoy and relax even more, down to the details. 

Designed for the ultimate experience of relaxation, the UNIQLO Loungewear Collection allows you to stay stylishly and safely comfortable at home. Shop the collection at all UNIQLO stores nationwide. 

For more updates and full collection, customers may visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at www.uniqlo.com/ph and follow social media accounts, Facebook (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), Twitter (twitter.com/uniqloph) and Instagram (Instagram.com/uniqlophofficial).

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