Get FREE Mentos roll on 14 July at Shopee!

What’s the best way to freshen up after braving the scorching heat of the sun? Iced tea? Shake? Putting the AC on? Nah! Let’s start fresh and stay fresh with Mentos! Our favorite chewy dragees doesn’t only feature our stapled favorites, they also have different varieties to choose from now! 

Whether you enjoy fruity flavors or mint, Mentos got you! If you’re advocating for a better lifestyle, they also have Sugarfree gums for you! 

Enjoy their new Soda Kick Rolls for those soda-lovers and get various discounts of up to 50% off! Yes, you heard me right. 50% off! Head over to our favorite online shopping app, Shopee and enjoy Shopee exclusive deals with Mentos. 

Also on July 14, they will be having their Grand Sale and promos exclusively for Mentos and Shopee lovers, which you will surely enjoy! Get discounts over discounts and buy 2 Mentos Tins or 2 Mentos Gums and get free Mentos rolls! YES! More and more freebies brought to us by Mentos and Shopee.

Head over to your Shopee app and open this link so you can add Mentos to your cart! 

If you still don’t have the Shopee app, make sure to download it now so you can enjoy the privileges! I’m sure you would love it just as much as I do. I have added various Mentos products on my cart since my kids love them! I also chew Mentos gums during workouts to keep my pumped up! Can’t wait to check them out soon!

Set your alarm on July 14 and score affordable products in various discounts of up to 50% off with Mentos products! CLICK! SHOPEE! CHECK-OUT!

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  1. Thank you for informing us! I will check their shop right after this. I want to score more discounts and the free on 14th of july! yey ����


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