#MommaLoveYourself with Nestlé MommaLove now available at SHOPEE!

I haven’t been going out lately. All my transactions are either done by a courier or via delivery through online shopping. It’s best to take this pandemic with extra caution as it may affect our whole family’s health and safety.  The best choice today to prohibit going out often is to have our packages ordered online, and groceries be delivered right in our doorstep. 

And although I promised myself never to indulge in ordering online, I have been frequenting Shopee. I was able to find great deals in-app and order our personal needs through the Shopee Mall. 

With this, I’m excited to share to you all that Nestlé MommaLove Lactation Milk Drink is now available in the Shopee Mall! Nestlé MommaLove believes that a healthy baby, comes from a healthy mommy. Therefore, they made sure that us mommas, will get the right amount of nutrients we need to be able to function well and still have more energy to take care of our babies! 

Nestlé MommaLove lactation milk drink contains wheat flakes and 1,200mg of malunggay which are rich in  fiber, iron, folate, and calcium- para habang alaga mo si baby, may nag aalaga rin sa 'yo.  It is our full-time partner in replenishing the right nutrition we need. 

  • *Galactagogues are substances which are known to help increase breastmilk production

I've been drinking this twice a day for a month now and been happy with the result. It has good nutrition that helps increase my breast milk supply, boost my energy, make me feel full and plus, they're easy to prepare and enjoy for momma's me-time.

It comes in sachets and in Vanilla and Choco Flavor

You can download the Shopee app now on the App Store or Google Play Store to be able to order Nestlé MommaLove Lactation Milk Drink via SHOPEE! 

MommaLove Online Exclusive Bundle that will be available on June 19
It's a nice gift for breastfeeding moms. You can also use the bag to store your breastmilk

Enjoy up to 15% off for MommaLove items on Friday, June 19, 2020! 

Check out this link to know more about Nestle products available for order in the Shopee App: https://shopee.ph/nestle_philippines 

Click this link to direct you to MommaLove products in-app: https://shopee.ph/product/76176908/5835357637

For more information about Nestlé MommaLove, follow them on their Facebook Page 

Visit their website

Together, let’s keep being a happy, healthy momma with Nestlé MommaLove#MommaLoveYourself #MommaLovePH

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