The Graduation Day ♥

Hello Everyone!

I decided to start a new blog as to start a new journey in my life. My first post is just perfect since It's The Graduation Day! ♥ 

Oh! The Places You'll Go! 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it

If you can dream it, you become it."

I never thought at almost at the age of 30, I would be asking myself what I want to be when I grow up?

Getting married and having three kids at a young age was certainly not the most conventional path that led me to this point. Truthfully, I guess I never really did much "by the book." This journey I'm on is not only to give myself the education I always wanted this is also a determination to set an example for my children. I want them to see the importance of education and the results that pay off when you put your mind to something. 

My hopes are that by sharing my journey thus far I will inspire other mothers who have tossed around the thought of returning to school. While I won't sugar coat it and say it is easy, I will share my journey as is and lend some pointers to lessen the load. Interesting to think that I never pictured that my kids may one day attend my graduation before I attend theirs. Never did I see myself doing my own homework along side my kids. I remember my journey back to the classroom- The tears, sweat and sleepless nights that I successfully overcome. I had this dream-like moment when I realize all my hard work is finally paying off when I walked on the stage and received my diploma. 

I thank God, my family and inspiration that lead me to my journey of success to my dream of becoming a nurse and at the same time being blessed with three wonderful children and wife to a very supportive husband. 


We had our Commencement Exercise at SMX Convention Center ♥ 

Oh! Yes finally, Our Big Day! 
(with my best friends/adopted school daughters: Cheryl, Stephanie and Mary Ann) 
How do you say good-bye?
To friends who mean so much?
Will there be time
To sincerely keep in touch?
You'll always have the memories
Of your school years from day one.
Don't think of school as ending--
Think a new life has begun . . .

You made my dreams come true ♥ 
Thank you so much Papa Euryd! 
As we reach our hand
the diplomas we grasp,
While we think of the memories
Of the years in the past.

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself 
Any direction you choose.

My Graduation Dinner/Xedric's Birthday at Vikings ♥ 

Thank you for my yummy Caramel Cake from Estrel's Ate Revvy ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I'm not sure, but I think I already commented in this post! lol (I can't find more post without my comments. more post please hehe)

    Anyway, I love your cake!!! super girly.You are someone really inspiring. I'd been pasaway during my college days.. that's why I just earned associate degree instead of bachelors. Im still looking forward to attain my bachelors, or even masteral. I think I learned my lessons. I am hoping to be a better person that I can be :)

    1. Hi Jo-an Thanks for commenting on my first post ♥

      Yes Good luck with everything! You can do it!

  2. You're really soooo pretty Ms. Rochelle <3 I saw this post on fb so I wanna see your first post hehe :) This is very inspirational :) Age is really doesn't matter when it comes to education and pursuing one's dream <3

    1. Thank you Rhea :-) ♥ I am so glad, I inspired you :-)
      Yes Age doesn't matter, Pursuing your dreams and being successful is all that matters ♥

  3. You are so pretty Ms. rochelle :''> I almost cried while reading this post. Congratulations! I am really inspired by you and May God always bless you and your family. You are very kind and generous, and we love you till the end! I am very happy for you, you have a successful life and loving family. :) I will always pray for your happiness. :) Congrats! <3

  4. Congrats Ms. Rochelle! Im also one of the mommies who's dreaming to pursue her studies in the future. I am a mom of two toddlers. Thanks for sharing your experience and keep on inspiring people!

  5. You have a very supportive family. Congrats Ms. Rochelle! keep on inspiring people

  6. Napahanga mo ako sis. I mean, yeah, a lot of mothers out there will not think about going back to school or finishing a degree dahil busy na sa motherhood and all so good job talaga sis. Congrats na din! :)

  7. Wow! I cannot imagine myself on that journey. You are indeed blessed to have a very supportive family and yay to super mommy powers! More blessings to come :)

  8. Great post, Rochelle. I may be late to congratulate you, but still, congratulations! :) I, too, graduated after giving birth to our first baby (I went to school while pregnant!). Nothing should really stop us from pursuing our dreams, not even motherhood. ;)

  9. You're so pretty Rochelle, even when I met you personally. And your very kind and humble. :) It's nice to know that you continue to graduate after motherhood. :) I hope to meet you again soon!


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