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As parents we all want the best for our child and this summer, My husband and I already talked about enrolling the kids to activities that they can learn and at the same time have fun. 

Summer Vacation is fun but there's no valid excuse to have their brains drained! 
Last Thursday, I went to BrainFit Studio nearby Greenhills Shopping Center to learn more about the BrainFit advantage and with all the information presented in us, I was convinced that we are definitely enrolling them to enhance their brain fitness level.

BrainFit Studio also have a branch in Binondo which is nearby our place and soon to open a branch in Makati this coming April.

Mommies and Daddies! I highly recommend this BrainFit Studio if you want your child to be the 

BrainFit Studio is the leading provider of the most up-to-date neuro-scientific-based brain fitness training programs in Asia. It started in Singapore last 2011 and was founded by a team of therapists led by Ms. Cheryl  Chia, current Director, who are all passionate about maximizing human potential and transforming lives. It has since expanded across Southeast Asia and has presence in several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Philippines. BrainFit Studio Philippines opened its doors in 2011. It is spearheaded by a group of individuals who are experts in the fields of education and health care.  

BrainFit Studio has helped trained many average and even gifted students. BrainFit Studio has trained and gather very positive results (backed by published studies) among individuals diagnosed with learning difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADD or ADHD), auditory processing disorder (APD), dyslexia, language delays, sensory-modulation disorder, dyspraxia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

They have a headstart program that are catered for young kids aged 3-6 years old called BrainFit Jr. This is an integrated program covering all 5 brain pillars intended to give a headstart as they prime the young brain. 
The SMART Programs, focusing on enhancing core brain Pillar areas, are typically for children 4-18 years old. 
SMART Focus uses a combined protocol utilizing both the "Play Attention Learning System" and Jungle Memory" to strengthen your child's Attention and Working Memory brain fitness. 

SMART Vision is an integrated gym based and table-top exercise programme, aimed at strengthening visual spatial perception, directionality, eye control and eye-hand coordination in children. Strong visual skills are essential in helping students learn academic content effectively. Students participate in age appropriate and fun exercises in each SMART Vision session. 

SMART Listening uses patented technology to target rapid improvements in listening and in language skills, both crucial for your child's successful learning and communication. 

SMART Moves, developed by BrainFit Studio is a structured gym-based exercise programme aimed at strengthening not only the physical abilities of children, but also their sensory-motor and cognitive processes. Students participate in age-appropriate and fun exercises in each SMART moves session. 

Example of activities in SMART Moves include jumping in specific patterns on the mini-trampoline, movement exercises on the scooter board, strengthening exercises on exercise mats and balance exercises on gym balls. Eye-hand coordination, timing and rhythm sense are also improved through specific ball exercises. 

SMART Emotions aims to build emotional intelligence in children aged 6 to 16 years old through proven methodologies based on the successful learned optimism, PATHS, Motivation & Engagement and Aussie Optimism programmes from USA and Australia. 

Using a vibrating pen that encourage fine-motor control and awareness. Outrageously fun curly-cue writing and drawing. 

What do they do at BrainFit Studio?
Using the SMART protocol for brain fitness training, which is based on neuro-scientific findings. 
"S" is for setting appropriate and achievable goals for the individual, as every brain is unique.
"M" is for measurement using a process called Cognitive Map. It involves two-hour long, one-on-one assessment using standardized tests which profile the individual's brain in the five key areas of visual, auditory, sensory-motor, attention and memory and social-emotional. 
"A" is for adaptation, which is to choose the correct brain fitness training program and level, based on the individual's brain fitness profile. For successful brain fitness training, mental activities must be just right-not be too difficult or too easy for the individual. 
"R" is for rewiring through focused practice. Neuro-scientific research tells frequency and intensity has significant effect on brain fitness training outcomes. During a typical 50 mins. training session at BrainFit Studio, a student may be engaged in up to 500-1000 repetitions of the cognitive tasks they are working on. Adequate frequency and intensity of training is vital for maximum results. 
"T" is for transformation of the brain and the individual as one follows the SMART protocol. Typically for an average student, they expect visible and enduring improvements in learning and performance after about 20 hours or ten weeks of brain fitness training. They expect students to be able to learn better- focus longer, think faster and remember more. They conduct re-evaluations on all students to measure their gains.

They have Five Different programs that address each of the Brain Pillars:
1. Smart Focus for Attention and Memory
2. Smart Listening for Auditory Processing
3. Smart Moves for Sensory Motor
4. Smart EQ for Social and Emotional
5. Smart Vision for Visual Processing

Fit Brains Learn Better! 

Strengthen your child's 5 Brain Pillars & maximize their potentials for better school performance and stable well being! 

For more details visit
Call Landline: 725-8500 Mobile: 0917-5991992 
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3rd Floor, 224 Ortigas Avenue
725-8500, 668-2719

Ground Floor, 974 Benavides
cor Soler St. 

@Toddlers Teachers Inc.
108 HV Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow, this is good .. I hope they are not that expensive like others.,It is also nice summer activity for kids..

  2. Nice center for kids to enhance their ability and skills. How about a Filipino learning center? These days kids struggle in learning the Filipino subject.

  3. Trampolining is very fun and exciting activity. Actually every children loves to jump on a trampoline. A trampoline gives a much of entertainment to the children. I suggest everyone to collect a trampoline for their kids. It is a great fun for both children and adults. Find the best trampoline with the comprehensive trampoline reviews guide.

  4. i think this is a wonderful activity for kids,they can learn and play at the same time!


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