Colgate Oral Health Month: Keeping the Smile Bright and Healthy ♥

When you get your picture taken, everyone says, "Smile!" So you open your mouth and show you teeth. When you see the picture, you see a happy person. The healthier those teeth are, the happier you look. 

It's because your mouth is important in many ways. If you take care of them, they'll help take care of you. Strong, healthy teeth and gums are a result of good oral hygiene and key to overall health and well-being. And yes, they help you look your best. 

9 out of 10 Filipino Kids suffer from cavities. Tooth decay is on of the top diseases affecting young children today. 

That is why, I teach my children the one step toward fighting cavities with practicing, teaching and good teeth brushing habits like brushing their teeth three times a day, flossing, using a mouthwash regularly and visiting the dentist at least twice a year. 

Prevention is always better than cure, If you don't take care of your teeth, cavities and unhealthy gums will make your mouth very, very sore and it can lead to diseases like gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (disease of the gum and bones that support teeth) that may lead to serious consequences like the loss or extraction of teeth. Eating will be difficult and you won't feel like smiling so much.  

Colgate together with the Philippine Dental Association and in partnership with Watsons celebrated Oral Health Month last February 16, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium. Keeping the Filipino smile brighter and healthier than ever before. 

Oral Health month is a month-long celebration, where Colgate and PDA visit barangays nationwide to give oral check ups, basic dental services and for a chance to take home free Colgate products.

Visit to see the schedule of Barangay dental check-up. 

Don't miss it!

I can always show my best and beautiful smile with zero cavities!
Oral Health Month Opening Ceremony 
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 
Colgate in cooperation with the PDA and Watsons is working more than ever to attain its goal of Zero Cavities. 

MR. ANTONIO CARO, General Manager Colgate-Palmolive Phils., Inc.
 DR. ANDY FERNANDEZ, President Philippine Dental Association
 MS. MAY ABARQUEZ, Watsons Trading Controller

Announcing the lucky raffle winners of Colgate Gift Packs. 

The Tooth Defenders with the key people to success!


There was Free dental consultation and check up for the whole family! 
Once you register for the event, you will be given a card to complete and use for the fun and exciting booth activities of the Oral Health Month kick-off and for a chance to win amazing prizes from Colgate. 

With a minimum single-receipt purchased of P150 from the Watsons Booth, get a VIP Pass for one of the following:
Meet & Greet with Tooth Defenders
Meet & Greet with Solenn Heusaff
Storytelling with Solenn Heusaff
Visit at least 4 booths to qualify for the raffle to win gift packs from Colgate by joining the social media conversation by posting using the Hashtag #ColgateZeroCavities and get the chance to bring home free Colgate products! 

I was lucky enough to win a full sized tube of Colgate Total. Yay! 

Colgate has a complete range of products from toothpaste to toothbrush to mouthwash that are designed to promote and maintain good oral health. 

Brush the cavities away!
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection for stronger teeth and a fresh feeling mouth that helps strengthen teeth with cavity-fighting fluoride protection and a great mint taste that leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh. 

This booth is a fun interactive game play to brush as many cavities as you can in 30 seconds to prevent losing any teeth.

My son having so much fun brushing away cavities. 
Go Elijah!

A friendly reminder from Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders. 
Colgate Kids is a toothpaste with fruity flavor and it contains fluoride, delicious flavor and exciting sparkling look, helps strengthen and protect teeth from cavities. 

When choosing a toothpaste for your kids, make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride makes teeth strong and protects them from cavities. 

Remember Brush, Brush, Brush 3x a day! 
For healthy teeth, less cavities and keep beautiful smile sparkly white. 

I love that they have a booth with role playing through puppetry which is a good way for children to educate in giving the message from Dr. Rabbit and the tooth defenders on how to keep teeth healthy. 
They use this puppet and mascots to teach children about teeth, brushing their teeth and flossing. 
The kids are eagerly listening at the puppet show and their feedback was that they learned so much and it was a really great show!

Capture unwanted plaque with Plax atomic rings!
Colgate Plax mouthwash comes in a variety of flavors and types. Ranging from fresh mint, fruity fresh, whitening and complete care. The Colgate Plax range has plenty of variants to choose from. It is affordable and it caters to different needs.

Colgate Plax for a cleaner, fresher, healthier mouth, rinse with Colgate Plax after brushing:
 Cleans hard to reach places in your mouth. 
 Kills bacteria up to 99.9 %
 Protects for 12 hours
 No burning sensation—because it has no alcohol!

My son capturing unwanted plaque with plax atomic rings. 
He was excited to use Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash that he won as a prize in the Colgate Plax Booth. 

Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash contains natural fruit extract with the aromatic taste of fruit and mint, has a fresh and pleasant feeling in the mouth without a burning sensation that my kids love. 

Personalize your Toothbrush
Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal Deeper & Gentle Clean Toothbrush. This booth was a big help because I love the idea of having it personalized with your name and date that you should replace your toothbrush which is every 3 months.
When you buy a Colgate 360 or Slim Soft Charcoal toothbrush from Watsons and to have your name and the replacement date engraved on your toothbrush for free!

Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal toothbrush is what I am currently using and I really love how it is ultra soft with Charcoal bristles and feels gentle on the gums yet effective in removing bacteria with 0.01 mm Slim Tip Bristles.
Engraving our toothbrush. 
I really love our engraved Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal toothbrush. ♥ 

Bacteria is building up in your mouth! Take a quick check here.  
Colgate Total toothpaste provides 12-hour protection against bacteria build-up. 

My son Elijah having his mouth check with the bacteria build up that may exist that we don't see. Here, bacteria shows up under special UV light testing. 

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is a toothpaste with Pro-Argin Technology and the first toothpaste that is clinically proven to provide instant &  lasting relief from dentine hypersensitivity. 

Do you experience pangingilo? You can have a sensitivity test at this booth 
I was put to a test to bite on ice cubes and I did felt "pangingilo" on my teeth. 

Dentine hypersensitivity or as we know it as "pangingilo" it can get pretty painful especially when chewing through your favorite sweet treats and eating cold. One minute you're chewing and the next your teeth are suddenly icily in pain. 

Enjoy eating ice candy and your favorite dessert without feeling pain with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.
I felt instant relief after applying directly to the sensitive tooth with my fingertip and gently massaged for 1 minute. I was treated with yummy ice candy without feeling pain. 


Meet Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders- Chompers, Dr. Brushwell, Floss boy, Toothbrush girl and Toothpaste boy and girl  fighting the scary slimy Placulus and plaque monster. 

The Tooth Defenders have proven that brushing teeth three times a day with Colgate to strengthen teeth, fights plaque and helps keep you healthy overall so you can do great things everyday! 

The beautiful celebrity endorser of Colgate Solenn Heussaff story telling with the book called "Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders" to children. 


Moms like me, together with Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell we fight Placulus and Plaque Monster with Colgate and regular visit to the dentist  
My dentist recommend it and one of the reason I have chosen Colgate as my only brand is because I trust Colgate with my oral health and that other brands tend to irritate my skin. Colgate as the leader in promoting oral health in the country. 

My family only trust Colgate for a beautiful and healthy smile!  

Keep Smiling everyone and stay healthy!

Thank you Colgate Philippines, Philippine Dental Association and Watsons for making all this possible! 

About Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc.

Colgate-Palmolive Company is a global consumer products company that provides, manufactures, and distributes oral and personal care, household, pet care products in over 200 countries worldwide. As a leader in oral care, Colgate offers offers quality oral care products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and professional line. 

For more information, visit

*This is a sponsored post from Colgate Philippines 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. One of my trusted product is Colgate. I remember when i was in elementary, they also conduct this kind of activities at school and they also distribute free toothbrush and toothpaste for everyone. Its an amazing brand perfect for the family.

  2. Elijah is really not that shy type of kid, he participates always..galing galing naman..!! and this post is really informative..

  3. I always use colgate! Sila pa rin talaga ang the best na toothpaste and toothbrush for me. Super effective and fresh breath ako lagi. I love their mouthwash too, fights bad breaths talaga. Galing nila to keep the people aware about the oral health month, :)
    BTW, ang gorgeous mo sa mga pic! Pwede ka talagang maging model ng toothpaste because you have a pretty face and very good set of teeth :) Ganda ganda mo Ms. Rochelle! :)

  4. we uses colgate for a long time..even until now that i have my own family colgate padin gamit namin toothpaste and toothbrush! really like how it make our teeth white and protects my child's teeth from cavities, kase syempre mga bata mahihilig sa sweets. and ohhh my kids love the colgate commercial yung brush brush brush 3x a day. sana ibalik nila yun sa tv. minsan ko nalang kasi mapanuod e . ang cool naman personalized toothbrush. i hope may ganyan ding activity sa aming baranggay para madala ko mga kids ko .. i know mag eenjoy sila like you and ur son :)

  5. What a lovely smile, Miss Rochelle! Your pink lipstick matched your pearly whites really nicely. :) I am not a big fan of selfies (especially because people's arms are always showing hehe!) but I truly like yours because of the perfect color combination of your hair, lips, teeth, and top!

  6. we used colgate,its a great product to patronized,they really help to have nice smile and healthy teeth!

  7. When it comes to toothpaste and toothbrush, I only trust colgate! I really admire Colgate in promoting Oral health especially to children. Brushing your teeth is really a good preventive factor in having zero cavities, fresher breath and healthy gums! That way it can boosts your self confidence at work and at play! :)

  8. When I was young, marami talaga akong cavities that's why pagdating sa mga kids ko, I am strict when it comes to what they eat. I don't give them much sweets and always opt to brush their teeth 2 times a day. Good thing, my kids now have healthy teeth and gums plus ZERO CAVITIES din. Bright smile talaga with proper toothbrushing and Cogate :D

  9. We trust Colgate tlga kahit nung mga bata pa kami,eto na tlga yung nakalakihan kong toothpaste,kya until now eto pa din ang gamit namin;_

  10. colgate is the trusted brand of toothpaste we use ever since. For me, it's affordable at talagang maganda ang quaity kc it protects are teeth from cavities and keeps our mouth fresh.

  11. My family uses COLGATE everyday... It's part of our grocery list, because colgate maintains cleanliness and protection for our kids. Laking Colgate yata ako,,, :-)

  12. Bagay sayo maging model ng colgate.

  13. Since bata pa ako we all use COLGATE, mula kay Papa, Mama at kaming tatlong magkakapatid, ang sabi nga sa bahay talagang ALAMAT na ang Colgate.. Regarding your experience with COLGATE ORAL HEALTH MONTH, I can't help nut notice the young man Elijah.. he's so cute and he's so assertive I admire how you train your sons. I also like to have personalized toothbrush with my name in it. Thank you for this article..I enjoy reading it specially the pictures.. And keep on smiling Ms. Rochelle!!!

  14. This is really impormative and encourage children to always brush there teeth. Colgate is my favorite brand when it comes to toothpaste

  15. nice event, what a nice way to promote dental hygiene

  16. nice smile...dolgate na gamit namin sa house ever since

  17. Wow, super inggit much na ako sayo dear Mam Rochelle kasi present ka sa lahat ng nakakawiling event:) Love Colgate too:)

  18. I grew up using Colgate it has been the generation's trusted brand in the family. we love Colgate!

  19. Since I am a child colgate is my brand of toothpaste and until now my family uses it also. Pero ngaun ko lang din nalaman na may mouthwash na pala sila...

  20. Our teeth is one of the most important parts of our body and it should be well taken care of. Colgate has been a part of me and my family's lives for as long as I can remember. And we ought to never neglect taking care of it because we should think of it as one of our prized possessions. Without a clean and healthy teeth, we would look awful and untidy. So, for me, it really is a must to always brush our teeth 3x a day and not just brush it but also to use dental floss, mouth wash, and any other gum/teeth related products in order for it to be as healthy as possible. :)

  21. Nice. Proper Toothpaste must be apply to our teeth in order to fight some bacterias there.
    I hope Colgate will do this kind of event again soon here in our place, it's pretty great and all children will enjoy here :)

  22. We also trust colgate as they already have proven their products over the years.

  23. My family are loyal Colgate users :-) Can't really feel totally clean teeth when we use another brand.

  24. My favorite since i was a child! until now i have my own family still using the best toothpaste, colgate with my family!

  25. Forever Colgate user..tested all over the years :)

  26. lahat kami sa bahay COLGATE na ang gamit, even the kids kz may fruity flavor naman,.

  27. nice event Colgate :) tried and tested product. Thank you Ms Rochelle for this wonderful and informative blog

  28. eversince colgate is my brand toothpaste

  29. The best ang colgate for kids sa amin kasi sweet yong flavor yong fruity flavor niya ang sarap daw kainin hahah! and it is safe for them.

  30. We used colgate since before.

  31. i am a colgate user ever since want to try customizing my colgate toothbrush :)

  32. Natuwa naman ako dun sa mga mascots :D We have been using Colgate since we were young so tiwala na kami sa Colgate talaga

  33. Been using this for 33 years =)

  34. I am a certified Colgate user since my childhood, a perfect event for the kids to have an eye opener in proper caring of their teeth

  35. colgate was my toothpaste up to now..Oral health is one of the most important, pearly white teeth and good breathe makes us a winner everyday.. thank u colgate for keeping our mouth healthy

  36. I've been using Colgate ever since I can remember. :D

  37. Colgate ..when people hear it alam na! the best toothpaste ever most people use it and also my family.. I'm so pleasure because Colgate <3 keep our smile bright and healthy :) ;) :)

  38. i am using colgate for sensitive teeth, i have that problem youngest is using the fruity flavor while my eldest son is using the usual menthol colgate :)

  39. the best my family toothpaste , colgate ! :)

  40. make it a habit to brush ur teeth 3x a day but then sometimes i did once or twice only hehe

  41. I love colgate it makes my teeth healthier.

  42. need that badly, to be honest my teeth is not that white and COLGATE is a trusted brand for that. TIME TO SHIFT :)

  43. i like Colgate, never pa kaming nag-swicth sa ibang brand,.

  44. A trusted brand ever-since, good for those who have sensitive teeth

  45. Wow! I really love your teeth <3 Truly amazed what Colgate makes our teeth fresh and whiter :) It's my trusted brand!

  46. I am a loyal customer of Colgate products :)

  47. It is a nice exposure for your son to participate in different activities. good for his emotional and social growth

  48. been a user of Colgate for many years now! it's our family's toothpaste!

  49. We are Colgate Users :) Trusted Brand

  50. Nice! :) Colgate user na kami simula pa noong bata pa 'ko. :)

  51. Automatic na talaga pag toothpaste, colgate.

  52. this is my favorite tooth paste at all time it's very trusted and proven.. nice featuring of colgate oral health month! :)

  53. COLGATE most trusted brand.. Mabisang panlaban sa cavities..

  54. Colgate the best talga! most trusted brand

  55. colgate is the best toothpaste brand!

  56. The only toothpaste I ever trusted.

  57. wow how i wish i went to the event :) im a colgate user too and my daughter use colgate for kids the barbie edition. its the best talaga for providing quality products fighting cavities.

  58. WE love Colgate! Hats off to them for their continuous campaign to have bright and healthy teeth in every Filipino people.

  59. Super pretty mo po!
    Sana maging model ka ng colgate, para makita sa tv, hehe

  60. I cant help but notice that you look a lot like Princess Velasco esp on that 1st photo. Anyway, Moms really should play their role in reminding our kids to take care of their teeth and how. It's sad that 9 out 10 kids suffer from dental caries.

  61. I like colgate for my kids and for us, we use colgate everyday.

  62. This is my brand since I was a kid :) a trusted brand

  63. Sobrang cool talaga ng colgate as in fresh na fresh sa bibig.. Kahit mga bata like ang lasa ng colgate..

  64. It's been so long ever since nung naka punta ako sa dentist.. sobrang busy kasi ng parents ko and even me.. i dont know.. pero i think i need to go to the dentist na talaga!!.. hays..

    Thank you Colgate sa quality ng inyong product!! I've proven and tested it!! Tasted pa. hahaha. anyway.. super sensitive ung gums ko and ngipin... dati kasi.. a competitor brand ung gamit ko.. tapos now eto nang Colgate.. ayon! nawala ung bleeding at pangingilo. salamat talaga!!

  65. Colgate is my trusted product eversince. Thats why colgate made this far cause colgate is proven effective than any other brand.

  66. always a colgate user since we were little kids ans now it's the only brand my children likes to use

  67. The only toothpaste my husband approves. :)

  68. faithful colgate user kami! <3

  69. Then and Now still Colgate is our toothpaste brand.
    Proven and tested. ;)

  70. Me and my family are colgate user since birth tiwala po kami sa quality ng toothpaste.. thumbs up!

  71. I am always a Colgate user :) I love its taste and rarely have cavities since i was a kid. :)

  72. We are using Colgate ever since, high quality, affordable & available every where. By the way, you have a very nice teeth.

  73. It's good that Colgate holds dental campaigns such as these, so the children can appreciate the importance of taking care of their teeth. I just hope they hold one near my place so my child can join, too.

  74. Thumbs up Colgate!! I love it.

  75. I love Colgate too. This is our toothpaste since i was a kid & up to now that i am married.

  76. Colgate the Number 1 and trusted toothpaste brand. Thumps up colgate for thier campaign.
    My son also using mouthwash after brushing his teeth.

  77. Colgate's been our toothpaste since I was a kid

  78. I Love Colgate your no.1 in the word.

  79. the best naman tlaga ang colgate, quality tlaga sya, sayang, di ko nalaman ang event nato,

  80. Colgate lang talaga gamit namin, mula noon until now. Anyways, dapat pupunta din kami sa event na ito. Unfortunately, wala kaming driver that time.. hehehe.. ^_^

  81. I am using Colgate Optic White Platinum whitening toothpaste. Really, it's working good. Thank you Colgate.

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    affordable dentures, Germantown


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