Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground ♥ Fun under the sun!

When I was a kid I remember the fond of playing outside with my friends and we would just play all day under the sun and we don't care if we get all sweaty as long as we were having fun. 

I miss those days when we used to play Piko (Hopscotch), Tagu-Taguan (Hide and Seek) , Langit-Lupa (game of tag), Patintero, Agawan Base, Bahay-Bahayan, Chinese garter, takip-silim, Ubusan lahi and so much more that kids nowadays I don't see them playing and that they are so missing out on the fun things they can do as a kid. The games my child play nowadays are Ipad and video games though there are some apps in the Ipad that are educational so I love that they are learning from it but it is also important for my kids to play that they would be physically active and do other stuff that teaches them new things. I wish they would be more active outdoors, like back in the day. 

But one thing that has never changed was back in the day when My mom would always put Johnson's baby powder on me to keep me feeling fresh all day and now that as mom I also do the same to my children as well and even now, I still love to apply Johnson's Baby Powder and use Johnson's Baby cologne to keep me smelling fresh and like a baby too.   

My kids and I spent our Saturday play date with Johnson's Baby Play Days exclusive event held at Market! Market! Open Playground. 

It's unlike any playground anyone has ever seen- designed to make moms and kids re-discover the joy of playing under the sun! 

The event brought so much of my childhood memories that I am so happy to share with my children. 

It was hosted by Kuya Bodjie, Do you know and remember him? Well, I feel bad that when I asked my children and they don't know him. I remember It was one of the most favorite children's television program in my childhood days, if you remember Kiko Matsing, Pong Pagong and Kapitan Basa and many other more characters then you must be watching the show called "Batibot". How I miss my childhood days. It is so much fun to be a kid! 

Today's word of the day 
"Di lang laro and laro, Yehey!

Kris Llanes, Johnson's Baby Senior Brand Manager shared that "We are excited to officially unveil our play innovation found in the Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground- a first of its kind play platform that allows moms to forge a stronger play partnership with their kids."

Inspirational message from Aha! Parenting that she shared: 

"Play can be the long-sought bridge back to that deep emotional bond between parent and child. Play, with all its exuberance and delighted togetherness, can ease the stress of parenting. Playful Parenting is a way to enter a child's world, on the child's terms in order to foster closeness, confidence and connection."

Special Guests Celebrity mom Camille Prats and her son Nathan.
Camille Pratts shared her childhood memories and experiences and as being a mom to Nathan.  

Ribbon cutting ceremony and Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground is officially open!

Fun shower confetti ♥  
When it was time to play Johnson's play provided Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Powder to keeping kids smelling fresh and clean at iwas amoy araw!
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground
Play all day under the sun. 

The different games cast by the sun help teach children skills for their development: 
"Maze" teaches children strategy. Mom will stand at the center of the maze and her child will need to find his way to mom by avoiding the blocked paths. The first child to reach hug mom wins! 
My favorite moment while playing in the Shadow Playground is that I get to hug them. Winner!  
"Froggy Jump" teaches children concentration. Mom will jump on odd-numbered leaves while child jumps on even-numbered leaves. The pair who jumps without stepping out of the leaves and finishes with the fastest time wins! 
"Hopscotch" teaches children coordination. Mom and child will use a stone or coin as a marker. They will throw this to land on the squares, without touching the lines. Then, they will hop on one foot through the single square and land on both feet on double squares- the fastest pair to finish wins!
"Snakes and Ladders" teaches children teamwork. The child will stand on the "start box" while keeping his eyes closed. He will need to follow mom's voice as she instructs him to jump long or short. They will need to aim for the ladders and not the snakes! First pair to reach the end wins!

"Flamingo" teaches children balance. Mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold on to each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win. 

The Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground was built by Johnson's Baby to encourage children to play outdoors and discover the world around them through the wonders of shadows. 
It is not an excuse to stop your kids from playing under the sun and discourage them from activities that leave them sweaty and amoy-araw. 

Introducing New Johnson's Baby Active Fresh line developed to allow children more fun time under the sun. Di lang pang-tanggal pawis, Dumidikit dito at nagiging bango. 

I highly recommend moms to take their child or children to play in the Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground located at the Market! Market! Playzone, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is open to public and it is FREE. 

It was so much fun and my children learned so much by just playing under the sun. 

Don't forget to use the NEW JOHNSON'S BABY ACTIVE FRESH POWDER and BATH for long lasting freshness. When applied before playtime, the clinically proven mild formula containing ACTIVE FRESH technology continuously works to absorb sweat to prevent it from turning smelly, so your little one feels fresh and smells irresistible all day long.  

Thank you Johnson's Baby Philippines and Nuffnang Philippines for inviting us for a fun play day under the sun and for introducing playing with the shadows to my children that are fascinating for them because it makes them imagine. It gives them an optical illusion or something that is not there but yet it helps them be more creative. 

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow..the event looked so fun! :) I still can't believe that Camille is a mom na.. I can still remember nung pinapanood ko pa siya sa Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa. hihihih :)

  2. it was really a fun experience, though it was really hot.. and congrats..! will wait for your video interview..! cheers

  3. Looks like you and your kids really had fun at this event! Camille Prats looks so pretty. :)

  4. Ang laki na pla ng son ni Camille. Parang napagod sa paglalaro kids mo ms.rochelle But they obviously enjoyed the day. It was such a great bonding experience for kids and parents as well. :D

  5. I'd like to bring Neo there. Until when ang activity area?

  6. Great event! Would love to join and attend this kind of event with my little boy too! I just saw Camille's son here. Very big na and you guys really enjoys the event! :)

  7. wow what a great event!! i so love using J&J products. and sobrang plus factor pa sa kanila yung mga activities na ginagawa nila. magandang family bonding ito this summer. i will bring my kids there since malapit lang samin ang Market! Market! :)
    ang cute niyo po sa picture nung hug mo kiddos mo :) great post Ms.Rochelle.

  8. Hi Ms. Rochelle! You are one of the rising blogger/vlogger. I am one of your fan na 😊 I am inspired with your bloggs and and applying some of your reviewed products and have great results. I hope you may have many more bloggs/vloggs and partnerships to come 😊 More success to come 😊 God Bless you and also your family 😊 #RochelleRiveraBLOG


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