Coach Boyce Zamar and about having Sore Throat!

Sore throat is probably one of the most annoying things in the world. It feels really horrible and hopeless at times. The best thing you can do about it is wait it out or try gargling nasty mixtures in the hopes of getting rid of it. There are a lot of methods your mom or the elders will encourage you to do, but most of it don’t do the trick and most of them include things you wouldn’t want to put in your mouth. This is why I salute the people who are constantly battling irritating sore throats. These people are mostly professionals who use their voice as their investment in their jobs.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Coach Boyce Zamar about his work which requires the use of his voice. 

He is a Former UE Red Warriors Head Coach, the current Head Coach of PBA Dleague team Cebuana Lhuillier Gems and the current Assistant Coach of PBA team San Miguel Beermen. I got to know him from my husband’s cousin Jane, whose fiancé is Paul Zamar, the son of Coach Boyce.  Although my knowledge of basketball is very limited, I know for a fact that as a coach of a professional team, his voice is somewhat the most significant component in order for him to successfully do his job.

Here’s the summary of our discussion.

1.   Real experiences about having a sore throat while working.
a.   “It was really a pain in the ass when I had to work with the itchiness and scratching pain. I had to use lozenges and other liquid medications like gargle hoping that it would go away so that I can continue to work blissfully in my court.”
2.   Most embarassing because of sore throat.
a.   “There was this one time when I had a meeting with the bosses and every time I’m pointing out something, my sore throat starts kicking in which bothered me a lot causing me to pause a lot of times before pondering a subject.”

3.   Silliest remedy you tried using before
a.   “The silliest remedy I tried doing was changing my regular coffee to ginger tea. My colleague suggested it to me and I really did my best to keep drinking it for a few days but I just can’t do it for the longest time. I have never been a fan of ginger and seeing how slow the progress was going, it didn’t seem much of a loss.”

After the interview, I handed Coach Boyce a Kamillosan M Spray which comes in 15 mL bottle for him to try the next time he has a sore throat. I heard a lot of good reviews about it and a lot of people are saying it’s effective and very convenient to use. It was developed in Germany in 1982 and has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to effectively reduce symptoms caused by all stages of sore throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Its main ingredient is chamomile, one of the medicinal herbs famous for its healing powers for many centuries in Europe. The pharmacological properties of chamomile includes anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-ulcer effect, wound healing effect and antimicrobial effect.

I am glad that this little bad boy called sore throat can now be cured with just a few sprays. I totally recommend on using this product and see for yourself how effective it really is. Here are some of the FAQs and reminders that you should be aware of before trying the product.

1.   Can you give it to children?
Yes, as early as 1 year old (usually used for teething and instead of spraying, you can use cotton swabs)
2.   Can you give it to pregnant women?
There has been no study for pregnant and lactating mothers, doctors has to weigh the risks over the benefits of the spray.
3.   How long can you take Kamillosan?
There is no maximum does for Kamillosan and since it is natural, you can spray it as often as needed.

Do not use Kamillosan Mouth Spray if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any of its essential oils (peppermint, sage, anise, dwarf pine-needle, bergamot and cineol).

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  1. I'm glad I am not prone to sore throat. But when I have, I use Bactidol. It's really effective for me. :) I'll try this one when I have the chance. I agree with coach, having sore throat is truly annoying especially if your job involves a lot of talking

  2. it is my daughter who often suffer from sore throat, is it available at all leading drugs store? how much naman po? thanks for this info......


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