Kids Love Cignal TV on Telpad!

PLDT HOME Telpad, the world’s first and only landline, tablet and broadband in one, together with the country’s biggest pay TV provider Cignal Digital TV has recently introduced its newest feature, Kid’s TV, which enables children to stream the top five entertainment and learning channels for kids namely Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild and Da Vinci Learning.

Upon trying the feature with my kids, I can clearly say that the 99 pesos additional payment in my monthly bill was worth it. My kids really enjoyed watching the channels using the Telpad Not only did they love it but they also learned a few things and tricks along the way because of the interesting and educational shows that comes with these wonderful channels.
Any good parent is advised to filter what their children is watching to ensure that their innocence stays intact and at point. You can do that with the PLDT HOME Telpad because it only shows certified kid-friendly content and is 100% safe.

In addition to that, one problem has also been lifted off my shoulder, which is the argument of what channel we are going to tune in. I can now freely watch any channel my heart desires without my children nagging me to change the channel to Disney channel because Phineas and Ferb is up all thanks to this feature because now they can watch their cartoons on our Telpad .

In addition to giving them access to Disney Interactive content right in the comforts of home, here’s another reason for kids, and their parents, to love the Telpad,” PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Home Business Ariel P. Fermin said. “When it comes to family-friendly entertainment for kids, we only want the best for our subscribers. This new and affordable service is part of our long-term commitment to help Filipino families forge the strongest connections at home through compelling multimedia offerings.”

PLDT Vice President and Head of Home Marketing Gary Dujali added,In partnership with Cignal, we’ve taken five of today’s most well-loved and educational channels for children and made it easy for kids to watch these shows at home. It’s a new way for kids to enjoy the Telpad while bonding with their parents or learning something new along the way.”

With all that said, I truly recommend on trying Kid’s TV simply because it’s great, trusted and affordable!
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  1. They are soo cute!! so sweet as well.. too sad mahina PLDT samin huhu.. I want to try this pa
    naman sana..

  2. Samin din, mahina ang PLDT signal. :/ The Telpad promo pa naman is such a steal. We're using smart or globe in our house. :) Your boys is so cute.


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