Wellness Box from PhilCare

Every one of us lives for dreams. These dreams can vary from being a renowned doctor to being a famous pop star or simply being a successful mother. We all work hard and aspire for these dreams to come true that we often forget about the essential things like our health. I would like to remind you that good health is the most precious possession anyone could ever have. It is something that needs to be taken seriously and properly especially with all the potential sickness that surrounds us. As old as this sounds but prevention is always better than cure that is why having a balanced diet, a regular exercise routine and a visit to the doctor every once in a while is important in order for us to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 
Luckily, I have been blessed to be one of the chosen few to receive a wellness box from PhilCare—one of the leading health maintenance organization provider in the country—consisting of products that can help me stay fit and healthy. 

The package includes the following:

Smart Check-Up Card
This prepaid card lets you know your state of health. It gives you access to a complete set of physical exams from the best doctors and health providers in PhilCare Clinics and affiliated providers for only P499, all in. This includes medical 

It is available in every PhilCare clinics. You can use it by sending a sms to set an appointment and surrendering the card upon usage. It also offers 10% discount on ultrasound procedures and 5% discount on laboratory and X-ray procedures. Additionally, you can access your exam results on their mobile app called PhilCare Go! using your android device. You can also participate in the PhilCare360 wellness activities and use your Smart Check-Up to become a myPhilCare member so you can enjoy exclusive deals and invites on wellness.
 Jumping Rope
I used to play this when I was just a little girl. Who knew I’d be using this again but this time for burning calories! 
Moringa Detox Tea
I read somewhere that Moringa tea is among the most popular products today that has long been utilized for its healing properties that lead to cure for many liver disorders. 
  Calamansi Soap 

Calamansi soap is known to whiten skin and as a beauty blogger this is truly a treat for me. 
Oatmeal Soap

 If your skin is a bit sensitive then this is the right soap for you. Oatmeal has a lot of awesome benefits to the skin (moisturizer, strengthens skin barriers, anti-inflammatory properties, mild exfoliating agent, relieves itchiness, serves as a pH buffer) making it a great soap. It’s also viable for kids.

Seaweed Mask

Another beauty treat for me! Seaweed mask is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that has a positive effect on acne explosions and it can also be a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells which block pores.
Olive Oil Mist

It is a pretty good moisturizer for the skin and it also smells good. Instantly restores moisture to dry hair that also conditions hair and scalp.
I would like to thank PhilCare for opening a door to healthy living and for reminding me that health is wealth because we all need a constant reminder of how important our health is.

Good health was something I took for granted and never really given much attention to but now, I’d like to treat it as the ticket to my son’s life until they get old and start a family of their own. I would like to live for as long as I can to see and enjoy the beauty of life.

So for all of us trying to find the way to achieve our dreams, let us not forget to take good care of our body because how can you reap what you sow when you’re too sick or worse, 6 feet under, to reap it. 

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  1. I love to try the seaweed mask,Read a lot of review about na nice siya. =)

  2. Looks interesting. I wonder when can we get PhilCare products? :) I'm most curious about the seaweed mask. :) Will wait for your reviews about the products. Oh, that check-up card is a steal! It's so expensive nowadays to have basic checkups. :)


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