UK hair grooming brand Remington is now available in the Philippines!

Recently, I attended the launch of  Remington's complete lineup of hair care gadgets in the Philippines, complete with its strong array of personal care small appliances for hair care, grooming, depilation, and shaving. 
Personal grooming is now a top priority for a lot of people, especially when it comes to hair care. Leaving the house without that perfectly coifed or sleek straight hair, or smooth underarms among girls, and a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow among guys is no longer an option.
We all want to look the best that we can possibly be. ♥ Having perfect hair, or lack of it, has become an essential in how the world gets ready. 
Remington--Okay world, here I come
Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they are at the very cutting-edge of technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce electrical hair styling products that really work, care for your hair and deliver superior results every single time. Remington’s products will have you looking and feeling so good that you’re ready for anything--it’s that all important last look in the mirror before you step out into the world. Okay world, here I come. 

With hair fashion changing as fast as the seasons, the use of hair curlers and iron has caused more harm than good. The hair care line of Remington allows its consumers to style their hair without damaging it.
Remington Pro Spiral Curl
This great curling tong is perfect for creating those tight curls which are bang on trend. With an anti static Ceramic coating for super-smooth hair, the Pro Spiral Curl Tong will ensure your curls stay put all day. 

With variable heat settings, Remington puts you in control of the temperature so you can find the perfect heat setting for your hair type. Use lower heat settings for coloured, bleached and fine hair; a mid range temperature for normal hair and the maximum heat setting for coarse, thicker and ethnic hair. 

• The smooth glide coating with anti static, ceramic and tourmaline gives you 4 x protection
• 8 temp.settings upto210°C
• 30 sec heat up time
• auto off; heat protection stand
• 19mm tong
• auto volt 
PRICE: Php2,745

Remington Mini Straigthener
The Remington  Mini Hair Straightener S2880 has a ceramic, Teflon and Tourmaline coating delivering sleek and smooth hair with every effortless stroke. This unique trio combines to ensure a smooth glide, protect against frizz and maintain an even heat throughout the length of the plates. And all in a compact and lightweight micro-straightener that is easily carried around for styling on the go. 
• Advance ceramic coating 
(2x smoother glide-2x longer lasting)
• 200°C; 1 min heat up time
• auto volt; 15cm long
• on/off switch
• Unisex straightener for men and women
• heat resistant pouch 
PRICE: P1,595
Remington Multi Style
• variable heat 150°C-210°C; ready in 15 seconds
• 100mm plates;
• advance ceramic coating (2x smoother glide-2x longer lasting)
• auto volt
• auto off after 1hr
• heat proof pouch
PRICE: Php4,795
Remington Ceramic Slim Straightener
The Remington S3500 Ceramic Slim 230 straightener has antistatic Ceramic coated plates giving your hair more protection, whilst delivering sleek and smooth hair with every effortless stroke. And it’s fast-working, reaching a top heat of 230ºC in a super quick 15 seconds, helping you to achieve silky, shiny hair in an instant. 
The premium ceramic plates ensure the heat distributes evenly throughout the straightener, keeping it at the temperature selected with no hot spots. The premium plates create an easy and effortless glide during straightening with no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky, smooth and shiny results. They also ensure long-life plate wear, protecting the plates against styling products and scratching.
• 4x Protection
• anti-static-Ceramic-tourmaline ionic smooth glide plates
• variable temp wheel 150°C-230°C
• 15 sec heat up time; floating plates
• auto off after 1HR
• auto volt
• 110mm plates
PRICE: Php3,395
Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener
The Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener is every woman’s dream. It straightens the hair while infusing it with Keratin, giving the hair that healthy glow.
• Advance Keratin Ceramic/Exclusive Heat
• Protection Sensor
• digital display
• 5 settings
• 160°C-230°C; 15 sec.heat up time
• 110 mm plates; floating plates
• temperature key lock function
• turbo boost
• auto off
• auto volt
PRICE: Php5,895

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer 
The AC8000 Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer keeps the hair smooth and shiny the whole day. Its various temperature settings would give you the best options for your hair.
• 2200W
• AC motor
• 3 heat/2 speed settings
• true cold shoot
• Advance Keratin Ceramic coated grille
• 90% more ions
• 7mm slim concentrator
• 11 mm fast drying concentrator; diffuser;
PRICE: Php5,495
Remington Silk Dryer
• 2400W; 140km/h air flow
• salon quality long life AC motor
• ionic conditioning-90% more ion
• 6 heat/speed settings with turbo boost
• true cold shot
• slim concentrator; diffuser; silk ceramic grille
PRICE: Php5,995
Remington Compact Hair Dryer
• 1800W
• 3heat/2 speed settings
• eco setting
• removable grille with concentrator
PRICE: Php2,095
Remington Travel Hair Dryer
• 1400W
• dual voltage
• foldable handle
• 2 heat/speed settings with concentrator
PRICE: Php1,695
Remington Pro Air Shine Hair Dryer
• 2300W
• 3 heat/2 speed settings
• 85km/h powerful airflow
• cool shot
• ion generator fro frizz free shine
• access: concentrator,diffuser; removable grille
PRICE: Php2,995

Female depilation need not be a horror story with the Remington product line that aims to give the smoothest result without the pain. Understanding the dynamics of hair care has enabled Remington depilation products to give the best experience for its consumers.
Remington I Light IPL Hair Removal
• hand piece,flash window with built in UV protection
• Propulse: flashes every 2 seconds
• high power(7-8J/cm²)
• integrated skin sensor
• multi flash for larger area and single flash for spot area
• LED indicators
• auto volt
• FDA cleared
PRICE: Php34,995

The Remington grooming line for men includes shavers and body hair trimmers that have been designed to deliver several options for shaving lengths – from smooth to a one-inch stubble. Designed with the latest innovations, the grooming line for men also caters to the peculiar needs of men’s body and facial hair, giving consumers the best grooming experience. Remington shavers are known to be innovative and highly-efficient.
Remington Hair Clipper 
• titanium coated blades
• pro-groove blades
• self-sharpening blade
• dual boost system
• 2 combs with 15 lock-in-settings(1-42mm)
• 1 stubble comb
PRICE: Php5,995

Remington Corded Precise Kit
• advance steel blades
• self oiling blades
• 9 combs
• 2 ear guides
• 1-30mm cutting length adjust
• Wheel 0.5-2mm with scissors & comb; hair clips;

neck & cleaning brush;

PRICE: Php2,225

Remington Nose & Ear Trimmer
• advance ceramic heads
• 1 comb
• 1 trimmer heads 1-5mm; battery operated
• shower proof
PRICE: Php1,595
Remington Foil Shaver
• advance steel & multi-flexing foil
• detail trimmer
• rechargeable
• 40 mins operating time; auto volt
PRICE: Php2,995
Remington Compact Shaver 
 • stainless steel blade
• floating heads
• contour action
• 21 low profile cutter
• 30 mins usage time
• rechargeable
PRICE: Php1,995
Remington Dual Track Rotary Shaver
The Remington R5150 Titanium X Technology Shaver gives the closest shave any guy would want to clean up facial and body hair. The shaver leaves the skin smooth and supple, without the nicks a regular shaver would have.
• titanium coated blade
• pivoting neck
• 21 cutter detail trimmer
• rechargeable
• 30 mins operating time
• washable
• auto volt
PRICE: Php6,695

We are excited to bring to the Philippines the most trusted brand in hair care, grooming, depilation, and shaving. Remington is a brand that has been around for more than 70 years, in 85 countries. Remington products are not just about exceptional quality, it brings forth a transformation for its users – giving them the confidence that comes from looking their best and being ready for anything,” said Clarence Cu, president of Tocoms Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Remington.

Remington hair care, grooming, hair depilation, and shaving products are now available in leading appliance and department stores nationwide. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. ugh, these tools are all pricey, but if i have to choose among these that would really be of great help for me, it's the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener, now i have to worry where to get the money in order for me to purchase it, lol!

  2. Honestly, I'm refraining from using hair tools recently because my hair is thinning and I have a hairfall problem. :/ But those tools are so lovely and looks so high tech :)

  3. The premium plates create an easy and effortless glide during straightening with no snagging, flattening your hair cuticles for silky, smooth and shiny results. best nose hair trimmer

  4. Hi would like to ask where ca i purchase any of this items? :)
    I checked the nearest SM appliance store and they dont have any Remington brand thanks a lot!


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