Liza Soberano for Johnsons and Johnson's advocacy Camp Courage

Liza Soberano for Johnsons and Johnson's Modess, Clean & Clear and Carefree

According to a study* conducted about the teens’ behavior nowadays, 75% of girls ages 13-17 want to feel accepted yet are afraid of being judged. Among Filipinas, this translates to dyahe, hiya, and kaba, which are brought about by the many changes they encounter both socially and physically.
While the teenage years signal for a more promising phase in an individual’s life, many miss to seize the opportunities in front of them due to their insecurities and the lack of knowledge to empower them. These feelings become even more amplified with the changes that they start to experience in their bodies, such as the start of facial breakouts and oiliness, wetness down there, and monthly periods.

In its desire to understand and address the needs of Filipina teens, Johnson and Johnson Philippines conceived Camp Courage – a movement that seeks to help Filipina teens overcome the many difficult challenges they go through, such as dyahe, hiya, and kaba, by feeding them with the right information and tools needed to build their confidence to seize every moment.

“Knowing and understanding the needs of young Filipinas is the very foundation of the advocacy we are doing at J&J Philippines,” shared Karen Co, Group Brand Manager for Teen Brands, J&J Philippines. “It is during the teenage years when girls start to feel different emotions that translate into their actions and decisions in life. Madalas nandyan yung ‘dyahe’, ‘hiya’, at ‘kaba’ especially when they start to get affected by the many changes that are happening in their lives. That is why we developed Camp Courage: an advocacy that helps today’s girls fight hiya, dyahe, and kaba, and turn them into saying “kayang-kaya!” We want to empower Filipina teens to celebrate their teenage years and realize their full potential by building up their confidence to seize every moment to help them be the best that they can be.”
Among the brands supporting this campaign are Clean & Clear, which seeks to help girls show their real self with the confidence of clean and clear skin; 

Carefree, which aims to let them discover new experiences with the well-maintained fresh confidence; 

and lastly, Modess, which empowers them to make their move with unrestrained confidence.

With these brands in Camp Courage, the Filipina teens are provided with the right information and tools that will equip them to face their fears, live each moment, and make a move.

One with Johnson and Johnson’s advocacy to move Filipina teens to be bold and brave is today’s most inspiring face in the showbiz scene, Liza Soberano. “Just like any other teenager, I also go through a lot of insecurities that make me doubt myself and restrains me from moving confidently. Not many people know about this but every time I face a large crowd, I experience stage fright,” Liza admits. “However, I’ve learned from the women I look up to that the teenage years is a very exciting phase in one’s life – packed with opportunities that we can’t allow to pass. That is why I am one with Camp Courage in empowering girls like me to be more confident to seize every moment.”

Camp Courage will go around the Philippines to reach out to about 400,000 Filipina teens in 500 schools nationwide. It will conduct workshops and activities that will help girls understand their bodies even better, know the right things to do in any situation, and find opportunities where they can enhance their talents and skills even more. More importantly, the Camp Courage School Program will encourage teens to face their teen challenges head on, inspiring them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

In September 2015, will be launched where teens can support each other by sharing information and stories that can motivate them to seize the moment. This platform will be a venue to house a strong support system of girls encouraging other girls, making it a safe place where they can share their feelings and receive their much needed support from friends.

Camp Courage seeks to inspire every Filipina teen to be determined to discover her full potential by not being restrained by the many changes happening in her life, instead, allowing them to celebrate the many opportunities being young brings about!

Join the conversations and encourage other girls online by using the hashtag #CampCouragePH.

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  1. pretty young lady!, this is a good start for young women out there, it's like a portal of sharing info's and experience each one of them can relate to....


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