Take the #Dove7DayTest and get a chance to win your own Dove Skin Essentials Kit!

Dove challenged me to wash my face using the Dove Beauty Bar for 7 days! 

I'm actually pretty excited for this challenge, because I have been plagued with dry skin for the last couple of years. 

So I took the #Dove7DayTest challenge and wash my face exclusively with Dove Beauty Bar.  
Here's my initial thoughts on the #Dove7dayTest: 
Day 1: After just one wash, I can already feel my skin getting smoother & softer! 
Day 2-3: My skin became less dry after using the Dove Beauty Bar. It really did feel like it had 1/4 moisturizing cream as it lathered up so luxuriously. 
Day 4: I feel the moisture deep in my skin, I love it. 
Day 5: I used the Dove Beauty Bar with a face loofah to exfoliate my skin and remove dead skin cells. My skin didn't feel as tight with it and no itching or irritation. 
Day 6: My skin has never been so beautiful. Why didn't I try this sooner? 
Day 7: My skin has never been healthier, softer and now has a youthful glow. 

Overall, this is an amazing bar of soap that I am actually thinking of replacing my facial cleanser to Dove Beauty Bar

Take the #Dove7DayTest for yourself, to get smooth glowing skin in just 7 days! 
Three of my lucky readers will get a chance to win Dove Skin Essentials Kit

1. Must be a follower of my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/therealrochellerivera
2. Follow @rochellemiko on Instagram
3. Follow @doveph on Instagram
4. Like, Comment and Regram this photo on Instagram with the caption: 
I want to try the #Dove7DayTest with @rochellemiko and @doveph to get smooth glowing skin in just 7 days! #RealBeauty 
Visit www.rochellerivera.com to join and try it for yourself. 
5. Comment below your Instagram user name and answer what do you think of Dove 7 Day Test? 

Hurry join now because this giveaway ends tomorrow, August 25, 2015 at 11:59PM. Winners will be picked via random raffle and will be announce on August 26 at 1:00 am. 
  • Winners may claim their prizes by going to the office in Makati City with a valid ID and copy of the email I will send you, as well as the prize claim details. 
  • Please note that prizes are PICK UP ONLY in Makati during office hours and cannot be shipped. 

Good Luck! 

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  1. IG Name: @karahmaelicious

    I think Dove 7 Day Test is perfect to have a whiter and smoother skin. Im excited to do the 7 days test ☺☺

  2. Hi Ms. Rochelle, joined your giveaway, my IG name is @itspeavybitch. Reading your review I think the Dove 7 Day Test can really give us that youthful, smooth and glowing skin in just 7days. Hoping to win! God Bless and More Power!

  3. @maicasanguan
    I think the Dove 7 Day test campaign is very helpful to us ladies because nowadays we just rely on filters.Flawless and soft skin on photo but different in reality.This Dove 7 Day test is amazing,I think i need to post before and after pictures without filters.

  4. IG NAME: @kmnld

    I think Dove 7 Day test would make me achieve a skin that is always feels moisturized as if I always wear a lotion. Im really excited to prove this 7-day challenge for myself and I'm assured that this would make not only my face, but my whole body fresh and glowing! <3

  5. Instagram Name : @terrygeguirra
    This challenge is exciting and I love Dove products!

  6. IG NAME: @amerisiania_12

    I think that the Dove 7 Day Test is a very successful experiment after hearing and seeing a lot of positive results and reviews from people who've tried the challenge. All they can say is how awesome and effective Dove is. That is the reason why I got stirred and badly want to take on the challenge. I really want to get rid of my dry skin brought by stress and pollutants. I've tried a lot of products already but nothing seems to work for me so I really want to experience the transformation. I want to transform into a Dove Girl..^_^

  7. Dove 7 Day Test :
    Use only Dove Beauty Bar for 7 days on my face as my everyday facial soap. Without putting any facial products like cream and moisturizer. Since Dove contains 1/4 of moisturizing cream, it will work as itself. It's a facial wash and cream/moisturizer in one. After 7 days of using it, I'll noticed the gradually change day by day. From rough, oily and dry skin to smooth and softer skin. And the noticeable radiant skin after using Dove. Even my Doctor recommends it to me for its mild effect that suits my sensitive skin. My skin was proned to allergy if I ate food that trigger my allergy. Then, some rashes will appear and can be worsen if I used other soap. After I used Dove, it stops the rashes and gradually faded the blemishes..proud Dove user here :)

  8. IG name:@kharizebella

    I think Dove 7 Day Test is the perfect proved to tell others how dove really works to have that smooth,flawless skin,hoping i could try it!

  9. I think Dove 7 day test would make my skin whiter and smoother for just a short period of time. This would make me a achieve a fresh and glowing skin and face as if I always wear a lotion. I believe and I'm much assured that after trying and experiencing this "test", I could achieve a youthful glowing skin like the other Dove grils out there <3

  10. IG NAME: @kmnld

    I think Dove 7 day test would make my skin whiter and smoother for just a short period of time. This would make me a achieve a fresh and glowing skin and face as if I always wear a lotion. I believe and I'm much assured that after trying and experiencing this "test", I could achieve a youthful glowing skin like the other Dove girls out there <3

  11. I wanna do the dove 7 day test because I believe in this product.. I always wanna have a soft and smooth skin so pls let me do the dove challenge.
    IG: yhienocasa

  12. IG Name: @j_h_u_n_o

    I think Dove 7 Day Test will help my skin get hydrated, moisturized looking great and healthy.. ☺️ I would love to be challenge with Dove 7 Day Test☺️

  13. Merry Jane Punla
    IG name: @purplejane29
    Dove 7 Day Test will let your beauty glow. It makes your skin radiant, smooth and soft like a skin of a baby. Definitely will love the result!

  14. ig: @mhoie1325

    I think the Dove 7 Day Test should be tried by all women to have a smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin. We should use the Dove kit not only for 7 days but it should be part of our daily regimen! :)

  15. IG Name- @itzme_rachel
    I think Dove 7 Day Test will help me achieve a beautiful, healthy glowing skin.

  16. Ig:@colongobmaryannc
    Dove 7Day Test makes me glowing and looking younger..it has nourish my skin and glowing inside and out..i love dove

  17. IG- gene.issa

    Dove 7 day test will help me to achieve fair, smooth and radiant glowing skin in just 7 days! It will easily moisturize my skin and cleanse all the dirt in my skin to have that soft and clean skin!

  18. I think dove has always have a good campaign to make a woman feel that we are beautiful no matter what. I think this is really the #RealBeauty dove wants to impart on us that's why I wanted to try the dove 7 day test to prove that we can always achieve what we want.. we just have to accept the challenges in life
    IG: @iamjeday


  19. IG: felizza08

    I think #Dove7DayTest is the perfect product for me. Been looking for a prodect that soothes my akin for a long time and I think this is it.

  20. Lojane8
    I think its good to all women who do not feel good about their appearance. Those who do not have the means to buy make up and think that only make up can make them beautiful, they need this, A fresh start;)

  21. ig: @missmataray
    I want to try this Dove 7 Day Test to pamper my skin and have smooth healthy youthful skin because Im a busy mom sometimes I forgot to do my beauty routine unlike before when I'm still single. #Dove7DayTest

  22. IG Name: @angel052882

    I think Dove 7 Day Test is the eye opener to us to choose the right soap that will use in our skin

  23. IG username: @charleneygnacio ❤️

    Beauty in 7 days is only possible with Dove! Have that soft, glowing, fresh, & young looking skin even without makeup! That's the power of Dove! ❤️

  24. IG: @nickole27
    Dove 7 Day Test is a very good campaign especially to us ladies who want to have smooth glowing Skin. I've read good reviews about this and I can't wait to try and see the results with my skin.

  25. IG Name: @formylaarao
    Really looking forward to this challenge - to use dove bar soap on my face is very appealing to me, for I am a Dove body wash user ever since,

  26. IG name: beapotsy

    Im positive that Dove 7 day test will bring back the love and life in every woman's face. I definitely want to give it a go soon :)

  27. @dimplesgon

    Every woman deserves to be treated with the Best, lets all try the Dove 7 Day test!

  28. IG Name: jhoybenosa
    I think the #DOVE7DAYTEST challenge I feel like I put moisturizer in my skin even not. I want my skin so soft and healthy glowing.

  29. @lynnfive

    I'm really excited to see the results! I've been wanting to have a moisturized skin without looking oily or whatsoever..haha..can't wait! πŸ˜‰

  30. @gaill18

    I think the Dove 7day test is a good campaign to bring out the best in our faces by bringing back its youthful glow. :)

  31. @bumblingbitterbugs

    This 7 day challenge got me curious if a product really can change your skin and transform it into a soft and youthful glow. Dove has always been a trusted brand but i haven't really tested it and I really want to.

  32. IG- gene.issa

    Dove 7 day test will help me to achieve smooth, fair and radiant glowing skin in just 7 days! It will help my skin feel moisturize everday and leave no dry skin :) Dove is already a trusted product and it is worth the price.

  33. Instagram: @Dimepiecebaybii
    I think the Dove 7 day test will be a helpful way to see how effective the dove beauty bar is in giving soft smooth and moisturized silky skin.

  34. IG Name: rena_quiambao

    With Dove 7 day test women will be able to face every moments of her career with confidence. Im looking forward on using Dove 7 day test with this kit :)

  35. IG: marge_guevarra

    The Dove 7 Day test will help me achieve a glowing skin, so I can show off a no-make-up look

  36. @istin_21

    I think the Dove 7 Day Test is good way to bring out the confidence in every Filipina who wants to take care of their skin. I would love to be a part of the challenge to have that smooth and healthy skin.

  37. IG : nanayeva
    I think Dove 7 Day is very promising and Im interested to try it. Im having hard time to take care of my skin especially theres a lot of products in the market, I want to try this because I read a lot of positive feedback and result

  38. IG username: @cjm_martinez I think it would be very exciting and I'm sure that Dove will give us the best result in making our skin soft,moisturized and glowing.

  39. IG Name: @monaverdida
    I think the Dove 7-day test is an awesome dare from Dove to women who wants to have smooth skin in just 7 days. Dove is confident of their product that they can do it for us.

  40. IG username: @eliecious

    What I think about the #Dove7DayTest is very amazing! The best part of using dove bar soap is, in the first day or first use of Dove Beauty Bar you can see the result immediately. I saw your video on instagram and you look so pretty even without wearing make-ups! I would love to try Dove and do the #Dove7DayTest too.. :)

  41. IG: @frugalyetfab

    Dove 7 Day Test? Let's see.I will update you on September 1.

  42. Instagram handle: @TereCruzEscaros

    I would love to try the Dove 7 Day Test and see for myself how it can help my dry skin.

  43. IG: littlemissreader_
    Im very very much excited when ive heard that Dove has its little challenge for us girls. I think its very fun to see if its really gonna give us a smooth and flawless skin and look by just using Dove for a week especially for teenagers like me who experiences a lot of breakouts and dryness of skin. Its really exciting and i want to find out and try if ever. So, yeah.. im up for the challenge! :D

  44. IG name : @lyneramos88
    I think the Dove 7 Day test is a wonderful opportunity for us to have our smooth-glowing skin back! With so many products in the market and the curiosity to try as many products that caught my fancy, my skin has suffered dryness, rashes and blemishes. It would be nice to have smooth glowing skin courtesy of Dove. With just one soap, I can have a cleanser and moisturizer at the same time.

  45. IG username: @pearlbliss30
    I think the Dove 7-Day Test is a great campaign. For me it's Dove's way to encourage women discover real care for their skin. It's actually a health and beauty treat in one helping us women achieve smooth and glowing skin in as early as 7 days. I believe all women should take the challenge. :)

  46. Ig name: kadechai
    I think the dove 7 days test will work for me 😊., im having a hard time choosing whats best soap will make me smooth and look younger because i always want to please my husband which is 8 yrs younger to me.,i know dove will help me look much better.

  47. Ig name: luvskohoney i think the dove 7 day test perfect proverd to tell others how dove really works to have that smooth, flawlessskin, hoping i could try it...Godbless

  48. Ig name: luvsko honey,
    I think the dove 7days test perfect proved to tell others,how dove really works to have that smooth,flawless skin,hoping i could try it....Godbless...

  49. @hellobreeey
    Dove 7 day test is awesome and magical! It gives a person a chance to remodel and rebuild both their physical and psychological way of how they see their self. It's a way of boosting a person's self esteem and confidence to show off their true beauty without depending too much on cosmetics. Dove is a genuine charm for us women. Thats why this test is awesome, we get to experience its magic in just 7 days.

  50. @anacellan
    I'd like to try the dove seven day test, because as I age my skin needs to be pampered and I only trust dove for my skin care. I think that dove is the only brand that my skin is compatible with. I have tried so many bath soaps and body wash but it feel's like my skin is in love with dove. :P

  51. IG NAME: @arjeline01
    Dove 7 day test will definite makes my skin softer,whiter and besutiful πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  52. @joennykhyle My #Dove7DayTest Experience is amazing!!!! Because it brought back the radiant in my dried skin that caused by sun heat, pressure and aging. In just 7 days my skin are softer and fresher.

  53. IG: @rcmontierro

    I am a working mom and my work schedule is on night shift for 5 months now. Working on nightshift gives my face a dry skin, rashes, and blemishes. Good thing that I used dove bar, I really noticed the big difference it did to my skin. It moisturizes my skin and it is now getting back to life, my rashes and blemishes is now minimal and fading and for sure with continuous use, my skin will become more beautiful, nourished, smooth, and supple. Thank you dove for understanding the need of a woman like me. I do confess that I am a dove girl, and I really love it!

  54. Khrisha Ronquillo-SedenioAugust 25, 2015 at 11:58 PM

    IG name: @viakhrish

    I think the Dove 7 Day Test is really helpful for us to really determine what kind of face or facial cleanser do we need as a companion. It helps us test the results and see the difference day by day... :D

  55. Instagram user name: @marykaymarilao

    I think of Dove 7 Day Test is a great promtion and marketing plan of Dove to encourage more Filipina to flaunt their natural beautiful skin with this product having the moistuzer needed for maintaining healthy skin. While those who are current user will be encourage to continue their beauty regime. And I myself is also an avid user of Dove.

  56. iba talaga pag me giveaway, dami ng comments, congrats sa lahat ng winners!


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