Adventures with Kuya Kim by Xeleb Inc.

I know running doesn’t really rhyme with my name but in all honesty I love it. I want to do it on a regular basis but my energy isn’t really enough to suffice its requirements. My stamina is weak and I get exhausted pretty darn quick. This is the reason why I have high regards to the people who takes time to jog and run even when they’re already a bit old. 

If there is one person I must name for being energetic despite the situation, it would be Kim Atienza or as we all know, Kuya Kim. I never saw him mope around and goes to work with such a low level of energy. He is always this happy intelligent guy that is optimistic about everything. 

I was lucky enough to run with him last November 9, 2015. It was part of the campaign of his new game app called “Adventures with Kuya Kim”.

Adventures of Kuya Kim has 15 different missions, with 3 objectives per mission. Players can simply tap or double tap on Kuya Kim to help him jump over obstacles, fierce animals, bottomless pits and boulders. Pick up coins and treasure chests along the way to earn special powers and gems. Players can also enjoy some cool trivia from Kuya Kim while playing the mobile game. 

Running with him was blissful. It was such a great experience and I wish that I could do it every other then. After joyously working out and having fun, we had a delicious breakfast at Bikers Cafe MOA and tried the new app.

It was a decent casual game that could help you turn the boring moments into an enjoyable pastime. It also makes me feel this fulfillment almost equivalent to running in real life. There is such a satisfaction in attaining every level and accomplishing every mission that goes with the game. It is so much fun to play and doesn’t really require that much of a skill to get the hang of it.
You can download it on Android or Google Play for free. It is such a bummer that it is not yet available on apple devices. But nonetheless, I recommend for you to try this app because what is there to lose? What are you waiting for? 
Help Kuya Kim jump over bottomless pits and dodge moving boulders, tigers, snakes as well as other obstacles.
See how far you can go with this addicting platformer game!

Xeleb, a subsidiary of Xurpas Inc., is the first company to focus on the celebrity mobile apps market in the country. It envisions to lead, cultivate and produce exhilarating games that will undoubtedly entertain Filipinos. 

Xeleb's principal shareholders include Xurpas, Kim AtienzaAnne Curtis-SmithErwan Heussaff and Isabelle Daza

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  1. Wow! Running with someone who is so active and energetic is truly inspirational! How much more if you were running with Kuya Kim! :-) Well, I know how you feel about having having not enough energy to run that far... we are in the same boat, Ms.Rochelle! I also admire those athletes who can do a lot of sports and those people who have the guts to do the extreme! :-) The new game app of Kuya Kim is an interesting one, very entertaining and informative at the same time...I like it because it does not only give us the fun of playing the game, but Kuya Kim also wants to share some important knowledge to all the users...:-) So gonna check out this game later! ;-) Thank you Ms.Rochelle! :-)

  2. I've done before series of fun run or marathon. I miss it now:) yes, it feels good to run as it really helps our stamina to stay good and healthy. I admire Kuya Kim also for being so fit and concious to his health as always. Looks his app is quite fun, I will download it later:) a nice app is actually a stress reliever sometimes.


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