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With only four days left before Christmas, the only thing left to do for mommies like us is the ever tiring but fun-filled Christmas shopping. There are different things to shop for but the main struggle is the gift buying for the oldies and grocery shopping we have to do for our Noche Buena and feast for Christmas. There are so much things to buy that is why it is important to go to a place which has everything in it.

There are several stores to choose from but S&R has always been one of my favorite places to shop for foods and other goods during the holidays because it consists of pretty much everything you will ever need in your Christmas table and in your life. It also never failed to have these great deals which are perfect gifts that will surely have you jump up and down for excitement. All in all, shopping in S&R is a thing I look forward to and really enjoy.

Check these amazing goodies they are offering during this holiday at S&R!

First up is the ever so posh imported goodie basket from Houdini.  It comes in three different baskets that sells in the price range of Php7999.95 to Php 2599.95. It is the perfect gift for the practical oldies who can’t appreciate modern technologies and would rather stick with the old gift traditions.

Second on the list are the hottest buys of the season. It includes 10 pieces southern style chicken bucket with rice and 1.5 liters of coke for Php 649.00, Spam of any variants for Php 130.49, and 5 hostess items for only Php 999.95.

Lastly, are the great gifts of fruits. They have fuji apple gift box 9’s for Php 399.95, assorted fruit gift box 16’s for Php 599.95, Fruit Basket for Php 699.95, and Ponkan gift box 24’s for Php 269.95.

These gift boxes are not only exclusive for the oldies because if you are on the lookout for the perfect gift to give on someone else’s dinner party or Christmas feast, this will surely be the one to do the magic. There are a lot more S&R can offer so give them a visit before the holidays and get your Christmas shopping on. I highly recommend it for grocery shopping because their goods and services is definitely world class. God bless everyone and trust me you gotta #LoveSnR.

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