Tangle Angel Baby

Tangle Angel Baby a miniature key ring, handbag friendly version of its sister brush, heaven sent to gently tease away tangled tresses with elegance and ease. It is such a cute size, absolutely perfect for travel and to giveaway as a gift or stocking filler at Christmas. 

Just like the Tangle Angel, the new Tangle Angel Baby features a range of technologies and benefits to keep hair smooth, silky & tangle-free-on-the-go:
Anti-static- anti-static properties to prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky.
Heat Resistant- retains its shape when used with high temperatures generated by hairdryers and prevents static & flyaway hairs. 
Antibacterial- specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make your Tangle Angel Baby ultra hygienic and safe to use. 
Tangle Angel Baby is adorable in its beautiful colors of White/Purple, Black/Pink, Pink/Pink, Black/Torquoise and White/Torquoise.

Even though it's small in size, it's still an awesome detangler. The bristles are designed to detangle without pulling hair. 

Always have a Tangle Angel Baby handy for those detangling emergencies and call +632 552 3957 or  552 3958 to order. 

Tangle Angel is also available in Browhaus and Strip Salons

Visit http://www.tangleangel.com/ for more details. 

To know more about their latest products, promos,  updates, and learn more tiLike Tangle Angel Philippines on Facebook: https://facebook.com/TangleAngelPhilippines

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