Gumtect Sensitive Oral Health System by hapee!

What does green mango, ice cream and milk shakes have in common? Aside from being on my top favorite foods in the world, they also belong to the list of foods that triggers sudden jolt of pain or as we all know as pangingilo.

This sensation is the reason why you can never fully enjoy a delicious treat. It is the kill joy in the food society. Kind of like your overprotective mother on Friday night minus the love and care. It hinders you from having fun and enjoying great food.

But just like in real life, there is a cool person that will balance the good and the bad. Introducing, Gumtect Sensitive Oral Health System by hapee.

Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste contains Allantoin to speed up the growth of new tissues in the gums, Vitamin E to soothe and smooth damaged tissues, and Triclosan which is known to reduce plaque and tartar build up. It is recommended for people who has sensitive teeth and it also relieves pangingilo. It is unflavored and cleans the teeth very well.
They also have this amazing Gumtect Sensitive Mouthwash that does the same magic the toothpaste does. It is only recently that I found about these products but ever since I started using it, the sudden jolt of pain has stopped. I can savor every acidic food out there without having to worry about my teeth. Hapee Gumtect Sensitive is the true hero of the food society. Made with potassium nitrate, it helps relieve "pangingilo" and has no burning sensation. 

This line of product is very recommendable and sells a bit cheaper than the leading brand. It is locally made brand but can really keep up with the others like it's nothing. 

Gumtect Sensitive Oral Health System by hapee is now available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide. 

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