See the world in a different angle with Petron Gasul

Being a mother is like being superman minus the cape and tights. We are blessed with the power to make decisions and call the shots within our household.

It is our sole duty to provide them good food, manage the household budget and keep our family intact and well loved. With all the responsibility we have as a mother, it is in our checklist to make sure that everything we use and purchase is safe and trusted for our family's consumption. 

Kitchen is the place where a mother's love can be best expressed. It's amazing how your family can feel bonded by having a simple homemade dinner. This is the reason why I always try to cook for my family even though I am such a clutz and not that inclined when it comes to culinary stuff. But I don't have to worry about my house being on fire because I have a peace of mind and a sense of security with my perfect mommy partner, Petron Gasul

It has been in the market long before I was born. For more than 50 years, it has proven its worth and has been the most tested and trusted brand out there. It's very convenient to use because of its blue flame that lets you cook food faster. 

They also give the best service! With just one call to their hotline (737-8000) here in Metro Manila, it is guaranteed that they will deliver the product on time, sealed and safe. 

 And of course, as a practical mother, I always look for discounts. They are my favorite thing in the world and fortunately, Petron Gasul offers something I can't resist. 

They give P10 savings with every Petron Gasul 11kg refill upon presentation of their Petron Value Card which you can avail at participating Petron Gasul stores. You can also earn Petron Value Card points upon purchase of Petron Gasul at participating service stations. 

I am inviting you to like and try your hand at the best recipes and collect kitchen tips posted on the official Petron Gasul Facebook Page:

See the world in a different angle with Petron Gasul, a product I can trust and make kitchen magics with.

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