Make Your Own Magnum Bar Experience at Magnum Manila Mall of Asia

I love trying out new experiences especially when it involves de-stressing, gourmet food or ice cream! Last Monday, I went to MOA just for that.  

Our favorite Belgian chocolate indulgence, Magnum, knows a thing or two about taking their signature ice cream bars to the next level. With an ever growing variety of decadent flavors, including the latest White Almond, Magnum opens its newest Pleasure Store in Mall of Asia last December 19, 2015, taking the Make Your Own Magnum experience to a new set of Pleasure seekers in the metro. 

The Magnum Pleasure store is a global concept, where pleasure seekers can enjoy the ultimate Belgian Chocolate experience of making your own Magnum for a limited amount of time only. Previously located in SM Aura, the make your own Magnum is now available for all pleasure seekers in one of the biggest premium shopping malls of the Philippines: Mall of Asia

This ice cream bar, called Magnum Manila, will allow mall-goers to get inspired by an array of exciting Belgian chocolate flavors, and combine these to create truly unique Magnum desserts, that satisfy every specific cravings.  

Give yourself a reward because you deserve it with an indulgent, personalised, freshly-dipped ice-cream from the Magnum Pleasure Store for only Php120.

Choose between silky Vanilla or rich Chocolate Magnum Bar. (I chose Chocolate)

Choose from Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate. (
Choose three from 18 delicious toppings with three different kinds:  
Classic- marshmallows, crunch balls, choco chip cookies, oreos, corn flakes etc...
Special- freeze dried raspberries, almonds, pistachios, etc...
Experimental- chili flakes, sea salt flakes, nerds , quezo de bola, dried mangoes, pastillas etc...

 Chili Flakes
 Dried Raspberries
Combined all toppings with a shaker

Drizzle with a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate
and the finishing touch- a classic M coin decoration
 My First Make Your Own Magnum Bar
Rich Chocolate Ice Cream coated in White Chocolate, and topped with Chili Flakes, Pastillas, and Dried Raspberries, drizzled with Milk Chocolate. 

What does it taste like? It was not really spicy, just imagine luscious chocolate with a kick. It did actually taste pretty good. Must try! 
Take a photo and share it to your friends on social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and don't forget to tag @Magnum_PH hashtags:  #MagnumManila #MagnumMyWay 
Experience the pleasure! 
Magnum is truly made for a pleasure seeker. Forget about diets, just enjoy every bite and feel it melt in your mouth. 

Some of my Favorite Combinations: 
Quezo de bola, Pastillas and Dried Raspberries sprinkled on Silky Vanilla Magnum Bar, and laced with White Chocolate Drizzle. 
Quezo de bola, Dried Mangoes and Pastillas onto a dark chocolate-coated Magnum Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, topped with Milk Chocolate drizzle.

How about you what combinations of coating and toppings will you choose?  

 Made of New Magnum Popsicles 
 Can you guess how many sticks were used for the Magnum M design?
Large M full of cocoa beans
Get a FREE Make Your Own Magnum Bar during #MagnumPleasureHour between 6 to 7 PM on the following dates: 

January 22, Friday
January 23, Saturday 
January 29, Friday
January 30, Saturday
February 5, Friday
February 6, Saturday
All you need to do is come to the Magnum Manila Mall of Asia store and be one of the first 50 to present a screenshot of your shared post that you repost/regram the promo found on @Magnum_PH Twitter and Instagram

Hurry and Visit Magnum Bar Manila at 2/F Main Wing, Mall of Asia, across Uniqlo. 

Magnum Manila MOA is a joint project with Selecta and FoodAsia Corp who will be handling the operations and management of the store. FoodAsia Corp is a multi-awarded food kiosk operator owning more than 6 brands with over 200 outlets nationwide. 

For more information, please visit

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  1. The chili flakes topping is really interesting! I would like to make mine in dark chocolate with pastillas, almonds and dried raspberries. Gosh, i'm drooling!

  2. Wow, I love Magnum, and I'm excited to try this!

  3. It's something my kids and I will surely love. I might try the chili flakes, too.

  4. Chili flakes and queso de bola toppings on a magnum Ice cream bar... YUM! I love going to DIY restaurants cause you can really test your tastebuds and let the imagination and possibilities go wild! :)

  5. We did this before in Magnum Cafe in SM Aura. We ended up with two hyper toddlers. Haha! I want to try it again and *enjoy* the experience. Maybe on my next date with the husband!

  6. I want to make my own Magnum too! I will bring my kids there. I'm very sure that they will have so much fun making their own Magnum. =)

  7. I think my kids will love the chili flakes! Parang ang sarap nga ng sweet and spicy combo :)

    or maybe Queso de bola.. para parang salted caramel ang dating!

  8. Wow! This is fun! I hope i can find time to visit and enjoy making my own magnum combination too!

  9. All of them looks heavenly. I do love Magnum. I wish I can drop by at Magnum Bar Manila.

  10. I'll make sure to drop by when we next go to MOA!

  11. Why doe it have to be 6-7PM? grrrr :-( Will still visit that place this weekend.

  12. Aww sayang I'm late reading your post. Anyway, I tried them when they are still in SM Aura and as usual, they tastes great!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  13. Yay! Wow! I didn't know they reopened! Thanks for sharing! Sarap sarap! :D


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